Cushion Club Summer Read Challenge

The Cushion Club Reading Club for Children in Antigua and Barbuda is my other longterm, ongoing voluntary commitment. This means that though I’m not at the Club reading to children every Saturday like I used to, or perhaps especially because I’m not, I try to do what I can to support the work of the Club – dealing with the email communication, putting out the media notices, and whatever else I’m asked to do that is within my means to do. It is so little after all compared to what I used to do. Which is why when Cedric calls to announce that we should do the reading challenge again this year, even if my head is not in the game, I do what I can to assist. And that is this.

This hastily put together flyer has been sent to the media and shared via social media. Help me out by sharing it with any youth groups or children you’ve worked with, or children in your family. Cedric is putting up prizes but reading is its own prize and, as you can see, we’ve not put together a reading list as we did before. I was relieved that I was not expected to do that this time around. Let the kids read what they want and hopefully at least three of them fit the challenge and they MAY win an additional prize.

One advantage is that reading during the summer is one way to beat the summer slide: reading related tips include reading at least 20 minutes per day, exploring different kinds of reading material, making use of your local library, listening to audio books on the road (I would add discussing what you’ve read – discussion generally is a vocabulary builder and a way for young ones to begin to explore their point of view and/or having your kids read to you in the car), read aloud time with your kids, and always always always make reading fun (e.g. read comics and entertain their discussions about who – Superman or Hulk – would win in a throwdown/fight and go watch the movies with them the kid inside of you will be fangirling or fanboying – this is for dads as well as moms and aunties – right alongside them).

So encourage your child (if in Antigua-Barbuda) to participate and here is the listing of local children’s books and some other teen or children’s books lists previously shared on the site, and local books of fiction and Wadadli Pen 2019 book of the year contenders to get you started. If you’re not in Antigua-Barbuda, feel free to challenge yourself as well by having fun with reading this summer – including one local, one Caribbean, one international b00k – you just won’t be in the running for the Cushion Club prizes, but think of everything else you stand to gain.

p.s. for young people with an interest in writing or who could benefit from building their writing skills while exploring Antigua-Barbuda, there’s still time to register for my Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project:

JSYWP Registration Form 2019

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