Professional Writing/Writing-Related Services (Antigua and Barbuda)

Time for another data base; this one related to professional lit arts services available in Antigua and Barbuda. The listed individuals have training, experience, or track record – as evidenced by client reviews and other available record. That means that you have to pay. They haven’t paid to be listed – this is another Wadadli Pen service. To grow as a writer and put out quality products, you may need some of these services – this is also for non-writers (based here or elsewhere) looking to access professional services. Listing is specific to professionals; printing and publishing services can be found on the opportunities page and legal notes can be found  there and on the resources page. Furthermore, the the list is limited to what I know and/or will discover, and also limited by time or lack thereof to research and upload. I expect it to grow (as time allows). I and/or Wadadli Pen retain sole discretion over which professionals are listed.

Arts/Showcase organizers –
Spilling Ink (a collaborative) – organizes a series of events known as Poetry in the Park and the Ink Project, described as a night culture meets art (read more in this CREATIVE SPACE feature);
The Black Exhibit – started by Linisa George, whose track record includes platforms like Art. Culture. Antigua, Black Girl in the Ring e-magazine, BGR Media and Communications Inc (which does brand marketing), August Rush (responsible for many years for the Expressions open mic), and Women of Antigua (responsible for local stagings of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues and the creation of local variation When a Woman Moans) – activities of which have included visual art exhibitions and a Black List creative arts data base;
Soothe – an annual mixed-genre-arts-showcase described as a neo soul event for the sophisticated and free minded – organized by photographer Gemma Hazelwood and others;
the Wadadli Pen Open Mic – a free monthly lit arts open mic that sometimes includes music and exists as more of a workshop of newer pieces by emerging artists is housed at book retailer and Wadadli Pen partner the Best of Books. p.s. The bookstore has a large collection of books by local authors.

Book formatting –
Kimolisa Mings – formats manuscripts for Smashwords, KDP, or both. Mings who has self-published a number of books, offers her service through fiverr; she has also provided a local workshop series on self-publishing. Customer review: “great service…prompt delivery.”

Editing –
Joanne C. Hillhouse – with a degree in Mass Communication and many years of training and experience in creative writing, journalism, and communication on various campaigns, plus experience in film and TV production, provides a mix of services (writing, editing, coaching, course and workshop facilitation). Editing services include book and story editing, content creation and content editing for commercial and non-commercial clients and campaigns (blogs, newsletters, public service announcements, ads, magazines, social media, essays, etc.).  Customer review: “she is my ‘go to person’ when I need  a document professionally edited.”

Illustration/Cover art design (may also be available for personal art commissions) –
Zavian Archibald/Zavarc Studios (sample project as illustrator – Fish Outta Water;
Glenroy Aaron (sample project as cover artist – Musical Youth

Heather Doram – veteran award winning visual artist and costume designer (sample cover – The Boy from Willow Bend);
Lyndell Benjamin – artist/illustrator (sample cover

series of adventure books by S E James);
Edison Liburd/Edison Arts Gallery – illustrator, tutor/studio, commissions – (sample illustration books by Barbara A. Arrindell);
Anson Henry/ArtiZtic Creations – specializes in photo realistic  drawings, also illustrations, caricatures – (sample illustration

A Day in the Life of Genesis);
Stoogeco – graphic design company  – (sample project

The Wonderful World of Yohan);
Mark Brown – artist – (sample project: The Road to Wadi Halfa);
Sonalli Andrews/Redninko – graphic design artist/illustrator – (sample projects: August August

Antonio Moses– freelance digital artist originally from Dominica, resident in Antigua.

Promotion (branding) –
Marcella Andre – via Nia Comms, Andre offers a mix of services (social media and event management), training (including speech, social media), in addition to her speaking services. – Review: “Pigotts Primary School invited Ms. Andre to one of its monthly professional developments and I must say that we were beyond thrilled during her presentation on teacher professionalism and personal development. She left us salivating for more.”

Publishers –
see the Opportunities page for publisher listings (including Antigua and Barbuda and Wadadli Pen’s own Moondancer).

Readings + Presentations –
likely any living writer in our data base of Antiguan and Barbudan writings will be open to invitations to present – but do remember to offer an appearance fee and/or cover expenses (writers are too often asked and too often acquiesce to unpaid appearances even when it is not fair or practical; let’s correct that – writers have bills too and what they do, their time and creative energy, has a value). See ‘Authors getting paid’ on the Resources page for examples of rates for school visits, readings, workshop, and other presentations.

Training –
Sonalli Andrews – listed above as illustrator and graphic designer – also offers a summer arts camp;
Zavian Archibald – listed in the illustrator section – also an art tutor 0;
Barbara Arrindell – through Barbara Arrindell & Associates, offers training programmes and workshops including, but not limited to, public speaking and written communication (also manager of the Best of Books bookstore, writer, and organizer of arts showcases). Participant review: “I have learnt the proper way to write my speech and ways to handle nervousness. Also how to maintain a positive outlook. The training was fun. I enjoyed the course. It was fun yet informative. I learnt more than I thought I would”;
Brenda Lee Browne – founder of the Just Write Writers Retreat, offers workshops (which has included youth writing workshops, retreats and workshops for writers, and a prison writing programme). Participant review: “It was an awesome experience for me. Time to begin writing as I learn to just write.”
Heather Doram – listed above as an artist and illustrator also periodically offers art classes;
Joanne C. Hillhouse – listed above as editor – also periodically offers creative writing and written communication workshops (including commissions and the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project writing camp). Client review: “Joanne’s coaching has been practical, resourceful and supportive.  The feedback she gives is amazing in the way that she makes strong suggestions while allowing me to maintain my voice. As a writing newbie, working with Joanne has been a great boost to my confidence and she challenges me to explore styles and perspective that I would never have tackled on my own.  She is also very flexible with my schedule to keep me on track.”

Writing – 
Brenda Lee Browne – listed above for offered writing retreat – is also a freelance journalist;
Joanne C. Hillhouse – See listing above re writing and workshops. Available for freelance writing commissions. See online CV here and list of services here.

Legal notes and other information for navigating the world of writing can be found on both the Opportunities and Resources pages. If you are a lawyer, agent, or manager who understands and has practical knowledge of book and other author contracts or provides representation services to writers, we will consider adding you. We don’t do commercial listings typically but we are trying to let the lit community locally and in the Caribbean know what’s available right here in Antigua and Barbuda. If you provide some lit-arts-related service in Antigua and Barbuda and don’t see yourself listed, this may be an oversight; email to request addition. We will review and add if we decide you meet the criteria (reserving the right not to without explanation) – as Wadadli Pen is a completely volunteer project, additions may take some time. Finally, while listings are free at this time, please consider making a contribution to the work of Wadadli Pen (we need money and gifts for our annual Wadadli Pen Challenge, we need funds and technical (legal etc.) assistance to navigate the process of becoming a registered non-profit, and once that is done, we’ll likely need accounting help as we pursue fundraising efforts).

As with all content on, except otherwise noted, this is written by Joanne C. Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Musical Youth, With Grace, Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, and Oh Gad!). All Rights Reserved. If you enjoyed it, check out my page on Amazon, WordPress, and/or Facebook, and help spread the word about Wadadli Pen and my books. You can also subscribe to the site to keep up with future updates. Thanks.

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