My Journey to the MFA Part 2

Living, Loving & Writing

Getting through the hurdles

Once I’d decided to pursue the Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Creative Writing, I started thinking about how to get there. Here’s how I felt: If I don’t get to learn how to write professionally, I will die. I reached out to my mentor, Dr. Schuyler Esprit, for advice. She readily shed light on universities, and her experiences living in different cities.

would I research?

This was a few months after Hurricane Maria. There was no electricity in my community (Kingshill), therefore no Internet. Mobile data, at that time, was gold! Do you recall the outrage in Dominica over the exorbitant data rates? Researching using that medium was not an option. I told a friend of mine what my intention was and she offered me space to research. I took advantage of the opportunity, going in after work to scour the Web in a…

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