Shall We Play A Game? (Arts Independence Quiz 2019)

This is just for fun (and, if we get them, prizes) but mostly just to test how much we know our own culture or maybe learn something we didn’t know. We did it before (2017) and as I was digging through some information recently, I thought why not do it again. So, here we go – participate from anywhere but prizes (if we get them) will be local only; and post will remain active until Independence (if you don’t know when Antigua and Barbuda Independence is, then this game probably isn’t for you). So, here we go (for real this time). Same format – connect the name to the fact, leave your answer in the comments.

The Names

Julian Marcus Christopher
Deborah Eckert
E. T. Henry
Mali Adelaja Olatunji
Brute Force
D. Gisele Isaac
Hilda McDonald
Antigua Grammar School

The Facts

-This Buxton Grove School always came first in examination results and is considered central to the development of the nonwhite middle class in Antigua. Its property was sold to Antigua Girls High School in 1914.

-The first female member of the Antigua House of Assembly and grandmother of the famous Guyanese author of a Caribbean classic book. Bonus if you can name the book.

-This author wrote Antigua and Barbuda’s first (The Sweetest Mango) and second (No Seed) feature films.

-This Antigua-Barbuda born artist was the full-time fine arts photographer at New York’s Museum of Modern Arts for 21 years; plus taught at NYU and facilitated photography workshops at Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center in NYC.

-This was the first Antiguan steel orchestra to record an album; they recorded in the 1950s on Cook label – the recording is available through the Smithsonian Global Sound.

-This school opened in 1884 and for much of the 19th and 20th century barred entry to a majority of students for financial and social reasons.

-Artist known for her children’s portraits; also conductor of Expression acapella singing ensemble.

-Heather Doram, celebrated Antiguan and Barbudan artist, once owned an art gallery by this name. Bonus points if you can identify the location and what makes that location historically significant.

-This calypso writer wrote Antiguan classics like Technical School, Slapping Hands, and Under the Carpet.

-Artist who co-founded the Environmental Awareness Group was winner of international art competitions sponsored by Alcoa Steamship Co. and Benson and Hedges and a 1978 OBE recipient.

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