A Mermaid

by Zaniah Pigott, 12, Island Academy

The wind whistled as Marie slowly crept across the soft, thick sand of
the Johnson Point beach. The young female walked across the moonlit bay. She
had discretely ventured away from the crowded beach party to this peaceful
beach haven. Her mind crowded with thought as she continued down the pale
sandy shores.

Marie intently listened to the various noises surrounding her. The
faraway bop of the birthday party’s pop music, hermit crabs scuttling across
the sand and the gentle crash of the waves on the rocks. Marie enjoyed the
soothing sounds while immersing in the noises  around her.

Soon she had found a spot of soft, clear sand where the young girl sat
cheerfully. Her fingers brushed across the grainy sand, feeling small, smooth
shells as she passed each section. While the crescent shaped moon floated
tranquilly across the starry sky. Marie looked on in awe!

Finally Marie’s eyes settled on the shimmering sea. The water was navy
blue in colour and glistened in the moon’s light. Miniature waves crashed at
the shore making faint relaxing noises. Tropical fish darted playfully through
the water. Everything truly seemed lost in time!

Suddenly, the magnificent view was disrupted by a large head that
popped out of the refreshing water. Then came a petite torso. The mysterious
figure seemed to be a woman but Marie’s thoughts changed when the
“woman” had completely exited the bright blue water.

The unknown figure had a scaly tale with beautiful violet fins. The small
scales shone in the moonlight and her long fins playfully lapped the salty sea
water. She had faded purple skin and had small violet fins sprouting from her
dainty arms. The woman wore an orange starfish bracelet and had lilac coloured
irises. Her hair was as black as coal and the creature had sap green seaweed
strewn in her wavy wet hair. The mysterious woman shocked Marie.

Slowly an idea dawned on her. The “woman” was a mystical mermaid!

A toothy smile appeared across Marie’s face. She had seen something
miraculous but as soon as the beautiful mermaid had appeared, she disappeared.
Now alone she sat in the moonlight. The wonderful sight
had been lost and the triumphant look on Marie’s face quickly slipped away.

Marie shifted on the sand and made complete focus on the area of the
tremendous discovery. Her eyes shone at the very thought of seeing a
mermaid. There she remained, her head even more clouded with thoughts;
even more reluctant to return to the loud crowded party. Never to tell a soul
about her discovery.


ABOUT the story: A girl goes exploring on the beach. She finds a mermaid. “My inspiration for this story was the beautiful waters around Antigua and Barbuda. I decided to set the scene on a Johnson’s Point beach because this is a village that is very dear to my heart. During school holidays my family and I would always spend our days there, camping and frolicking in the seawater and on the sand. Johnson’s Point village and the surrounding beaches are places  that always get my creative juices flowing and that is why I love writing about them. Another inspiration for this story is Greek Mythology. I am completely fascinated with mythological stories, especially ones about mermaids. Which is why I love to write and draw these figures and imagine what they would look like in real life.” This work of fiction is third placed in the 7-12 age category of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize 2020 Challenge.

ABOUT the author: “I enjoy visual arts, reading, and writing short stories. My favourite sport is tennis which I play for fun with my friends during the week. I absolutely love animals; especially cats and that is why I try to volunteer at PAAWS when I can.  Last year, I came second in the Grade 6 National Assessment and this year I intend to keep striving towards my personal and academic goals.”

ABOUT prizes won:

Prizes – Patrons:

Books (3) – Cindy’s Bookstore ; signed copy of Musical Youth 2nd edition (paperback) and With Grace (paperback) by Joanne C. Hillhouse

Each winner is also set to receive a certificate, a selection of books from The Best of Books Bookstore and cultural items from the Cultural Development Division – Antigua and Barbuda.

For the full breakdown of ‘who won what’, if not linked (yet), use the site’s search feature.

ABOUT Wadadli Pen: The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize launched in 2004 with a writing Challenge that continues 16 years later. It is Wadadli Pen’s pilot project, in keeping with its mandate to nurture and showcase the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda, encouraging  writers (and visual artists) in Antigua and Barbuda (35 years and younger) to create a piece on any topic, within a Caribbean aesthetic. In 2020, there was also an Imagine a Future climate change challenge. To support the work of Wadadli Pen, contact wadadlipen@gmail.com

Please respect the author’s copyright. If you share, excerpt, credit, and link back; do not republish without permission nor without crediting.


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