My Favourite Dish

by Ciara Thomas, 10, Sunnydale School

I’m a little girl,
And I am fat,
I can tell you my favourite food did that,
It’s not because I’m greedy.

Some of it comes from my genes,
Even though I’m a little chubby,
I am still a queen.

KFC is not my favourite food,
Even though I eat it,
Not chicken and chips nor hamburger,
Or pizza and definitely not shawarma.

My favourite foods takes me back
to my roots,
This is no lie, I’m telling the truth.

I had to dig out of the backyard,
And break the coconut which is quite hard,
I take them to mama,
And said, please make me some ducana.

With the chop-up and saltfish,
Cause mama that is my
Favourite dish.

ABOUT the poem: This poem ranked second in the 7-12 age category of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize 2020 Challenge.

ABOUT prizes won:

Prizes – Patrons:

Books (3) – Cindy’s Bookstore ; copy of  Antigua My Antigua – Barbara Arrindell; US$50 for gift certificate for books – Friends of Antigua Public Library (NY)

Each winner is also set to receive a certificate, a selection of books from The Best of Books Bookstore and cultural items from the Cultural Development Division – Antigua and Barbuda.

For the full breakdown of ‘who won what’, if not linked (yet), use the site’s search feature.

ABOUT Wadadli Pen: The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize launched in 2004 with a writing Challenge that continues 16 years later. It is Wadadli Pen’s pilot project, in keeping with its mandate to nurture and showcase the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda, encouraging  writers (and visual artists) in Antigua and Barbuda (35 years and younger) to create a piece on any topic, within a Caribbean aesthetic. In 2020, there was also an Imagine a Future climate change challenge. To support the work of Wadadli Pen, contact

Please respect the author’s copyright. If you share, excerpt, credit, and link back; do not republish without permission nor without crediting.

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