WADADLI PEN PRESS RELEASE – Wadadli Pen Announces 2020 Winners

9th May, 2020 – The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize is proud to announce that for the first time the overall winner’s spot will be shared by two talented writers. The Wadadli Pen competition has been held annually since 2004, giving writers an avenue to flex their talents. The Wadadli Pen competition has two stipulations; use your creative freedom and pieces must have a Caribbean flavor.

This year Wadadli Pen received 57 entries. Overall the judges were impressed with the level of creativity and enjoyed the judging process which in some cases separated finalists by a mere few points.

The Wadadli Pen is pleased to announce the 2020 winners:

7 to 12 Category
Cheyanne Darroux (Tom, the Ninja Crab)




Golden Grove Primary School

2nd place
Ciara Thomas (My Favourite Dish)
Sunnydale Primary School

3rd Place
Zaniah Pigott (A Mermaid)




Island Academy

Honorable Mention
Sienna Harney-Barnes (A New World)




St. Nicholas Primary

13 to 17 Category
D’chaiya Emmanuel (Two Worlds Collide)




Antigua Girls High School

2nd place
William Henderson (The Beast of Barbados)




St. Anthony’s Secondary School

3rd Place
Aria-Rose Browne (The Fabled Truth)




St. Anthony’s Secondary School

Honorable Mention
Judah Christian (The John Bull Effect)




Antigua Grammar School

18 to 35 Category
Andre J. P. Warner (A Bright Future for Tomorrow)





2nd Place
Lehana Simon (Lead Me Lord)





3rd Place
Sethson Burton (Oh, Beach That I Once Loved)





Overall Winner 2020
Cheyanne Darroux & Andre Warner

Special Prizes
‘Imagine a Future’ Climate Change Themed Submission
Andre J. P. Warner

School with the Most Entries
Sunnydale Primary

Writers in the winner’s circle will receive a mix of prizes – cash, gift certificates, books, and presents. Full prize breakdown and winning stories have been posted to https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com

Wadadli Pen would like to thank all of the writers who submitted entries. Gratitude is also extended to all of the patrons who donated this year’s prizes.


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