Why exactly do we read book reviews? — Kate Vane

Bear with me. You might think the answer is bleedin’ obvious, but I’ve been considering how and why I read reviews, and it’s changed how I think about — and write — them. Are you the one that I want? Of course, most people read reviews to answer the question, do I want to read […]

Why exactly do we read book reviews? — Kate Vane

While we’re here… let me remind readers of the Wadadli Pen blog about Blogger on Books, my book review series started right here on Wadadli Pen and subsequently moved to my Jhohadli blog. Also the spottier updates to the #BookChat #Unscripted series on my AntiguanWriter youtube channel. Latest update, my favourite reads of 2020.

For me, book reviews clue me in sometimes to books I might not otherwise be aware of, and I like that with bookstagram, booktube, book blogs, and all the rest of it, we’re getting to hear from readers as well as professional reviewers – I’ve been both and both come from a place of love. – JCH, Wadadli Pen blogger (and founder and coordinator of the Wadadli Pen project)

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