The Stages of Introducing the Boy to a Book He MAY have Inspired

I should have had video or at least audio running when I gave my first copy of The Jungle Outside to my mom. Or maybe not; it really wasn’t a moment. My mom isn’t one to gas you up, so even though I told her the book was inspired by her interactions with my nephew in The Jungle Outside, she only said, looking at the image of young Tanti up a tree, “when I was a girl I used to love to climb trees.” No duh, I thought. Honestly, my family keeps me grounded because they really are not about that life. I left the book with her to read and she told me some time later that it made her laugh (high praise) and that I had got some of it wrong (not the first time I’ve heard this about one of my books from my mom who, I think, thinks I write documentaries).

Next up, the Boy. I don’t have the books yet but I asked my sis to send me some pictures of the unboxing. I remember introducing my first picture book to him and… he seems a bit more in to this one. Auntie levelled up!

Normally, I’d reserve a post like this for my author blog not Wadadli Pen but it is lit! and I couldn’t resist.

Also, *light bulb*, have you been thinking about fantasizing (not documenting) real life and writing your own picture book? I’d be interested in talking about the process of crafting the story. We could zoom it for a tip. Let me think about it but, if interested, let me know in the comments.

As with all content on this site, unless otherwise noted, this is prepared by Wadadli Pen founder and coordinator, Joanne C. Hillhouse. As we try to do, credit if sharing.

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