Happy World Book Day

April 23rd 2021 was/is World Book and Copyright Day.

A highlight for me was my first YouTube Live on my AntiguanWriter channel with Trinbagonian artist and Bocas award winning poet Danielle Boodoo Fortune who illustrated both my children’s books Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure (Caribbean Reads publishing) and The Jungle Outside (Harper Collins), in which we discussed the creation of both books.

The video has been added to the A & B Artists Discussing Art page here on Wadadli Pen.

Excerpt (from the discussion of The Jungle Outside):
Joanne: “This is Tanty as a girl up a tree.”
Danielle: “As a girl climbing the mango tree, she is just so cool. That came to mind as well when I was doing it, that ridiculous saying that girls should not climb trees. I deliberately put a million mangos in the tree and she is so comfortable in that tree…I love this illustration. she is very much in her element and it gave me a fuller sense of Tanty as a character and her relationship with the garden and what she is passing on to Dante as well. I love this one very much.”

Other events/activities this World Book Day included Crusader Radio‘s April 22nd literary hour which invited callers to share their favourite Antiguan and Barbudan books and authors, and incorporated readings of books by local authors (including several Wadadli Pen partners – Turtle Beach by Barbara Arrindell, Musical Youth by Joanne C. Hillhouse, Considering Venus by D Gisele Isaac) as well as giveaways sponsored by the Best of Books (a Wadadli Pen patron)- the special programme was guest hosted by writer and bookstore manager Arrindell.

This week, for its Author of the Month series on April 21st 2021, the National Public Library hosted Jo-anne Carr discussing her book Broken to be Blessed, described as “an eye opener” in which she “laid herself bare” by her host. This week the Antigua and Barbuda Intellectual Property & Commerce Office made a presentation of a number of books on intellectual property to the Library. I believe this was done on April 22nd just ahead of World Book Day.

ABS TV also hosted several authors on its morning show on World Book Day including past Wadadli Pen finalist and now an award winning writer (recently copping a Ripped Bodice Award for Go Deep) Rilys Adams.

Rilys Adams on Antigua Barbuda Today.

She spoke about her mother’s role modeling of reading drawing her in to reading herself. US based Dave Ray, non-fiction writer in the area of business and customer service, was also on the show discussing his real world impetus to write.. Gayle Gonsalves was also beamed in from Canada to discuss her journey, a recent stop of which included her latest short story collection My Stories have no Endings.

They discussed the foundation (“reading should not be a chore” – Adams) to the discipline of writing (“you’re spending a lot of time after that first draft …bringing to life the sauce of that story” – Gonsalves) to publishing (“for the last 10 years, I’ve been helping people publish their books” – Ray).

Each shared their favourite book and I’m going to share what they said because, it’s World Book Day and also because… well, you’ll see.

“My favourite book is Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid. I just love the way she uses words and everything.” – Gayle

“My Life Story by Hillary Clinton” – Dave (Note – Bill Clinton’s biography is My Life, Hillary’s is Living History)

“Mine is definitely Dancing Nude in the Moonlight by Joanne Hillhouse. I read it when I was 13 and I think it opened my eyes with regards to the things I could write about and I think that was a very instructive moment in my life that lead me to where I am right now.” – Rilys

I had no idea; gratitude.

As with all content (words, images, other) on wadadlipen.wordpress.com, except otherwise noted, this is written by Joanne C. Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight,  Oh Gad!, Musical Youth, With Grace, Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, and The Jungle Outside). All Rights Reserved. You can also subscribe to and/or follow the site to keep up with future updates. Thanks. And remember while linking and sharing the links, referencing and excerpting, with credit, are okay, lifting whole content (articles,  images, other) from the site without asking is not cool. Respect copyright.

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