Main Prize (Wadadli Pen 2021) – Third Placed – Aunjelique Liddie

Aunjelique Liddie, 13, F, ‘The Beach’ (poetry)

About the Author – Aunjelique LIddie has a passion for swimming and has represented Antigua in the OECS swim championships for her age category. She is an avid student and passionate about her work and desires to have a career in building design. She is pragmatic and self-determined, with a vivid imagination and a desire to explore the beauty and tragedy of life. Aunjelique is a student at the Antigua Girls High School.

About ‘The Beach’: Inspired by Aunjelique’s love of the beach and her deep passion to swim as well as her journey, mishaps, thoughts, and adventures in the water.


‘The Beach’

Glaze on the deep blue sea
Sun shining as bright as a star
Waves as big as a mountain
Crabs crawling
Fish swimming

Salt in the air emptiness all around me the freshness of trees
Coconut water never taste sweeter

A calm wind, a gentle breeze
Chopping down of milky content fruits
Trees moaning
Birds cowing looking for food

Diving into the big open sea
Struggling to stay above the surface
Gasping for air but the water swallows me whole
Eyes spot me
Feet are stomping
Splash!! Splash!! Splash!!
Hands reach out
A tight grip on my shoulders
Carried away to the sandy shore
Breathed to life
I am whole again.

This is one of the winning entries in the 2021 Wadadli Youth Pen Prize Challenge. Please respect each writer’s copyright.

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