Children Melee by King Obstinate

Disclaimer: We don’t own this. We’re not profiting from it. This is a lyric share, part of an ongoing part of our project to document Antiguan and Barbudan literary arts for educational purposes as we have with the bibliography of publications by Antiguans and Barbudansthe song writers and playwriting projects, and our still wan lyrics data base. These are mostly transcribed by ear; where there are question marks, there are gaps. Please help us to correct any errors and complete these records, and appreciate in the intended spirit the work that has gone in to the research, preparation, writing, and sharing of all content on this site. Props to our artists who continue to produce outstanding works. – JCH

In a nursery little Johnny telling Sally

(Me nar lie, Me nar lie)

“I bet you can’t tell me how mi mammy get she baby”

(Me Nar lie, Me nar lie)

He say, “every night

They does out the light

But I still could see

When they start to fight”


Don’t pay dem no mind

Is children melee

They’ll grow up in time

Is children melee (x2)

Little Sally wipe she nose and said to John

(Me nar lie, Me nar lie)

“I bet you don’t know how the water get in the ocean”

(Me nar lie, Me nar lie)

“You see every night I does pee me bed

And it does disappear

Go in the sea instead”


Mary say that “my mammy is on a diet”

(Me nar lie, Me nar lie)

“Because every morning she wake up and eating carrot”

(Me nar lie, Me nar lie)

“And when daddy leaving

I would hear him say,

‘Honey, don’t forget, to take your one a day'”


Papi say, “my mom and daddy had a quarrel”

(Me nar lie, Me nar lie)

“And my mommy she got so loud, she sounded awful”

(Me nar lie, Me nar lie)

“But I believe, daddy knock out mammy

Because when I reach

she was breathing heavy”



You know, the kids are so cute these days

The things they does come up with is so hilarious

In my days, I remember my mother and father used to tell me things like

“fungee, saltfish, and fat

nothing sweeter than that

and if you want it just a little bit sweeter

you does have to clap two okro pan tap”


It was cute

Cho. (repeat)


Kids are beautiful

But in my days we had a fella by the name of Brer Anansi

Brer Nansi was something else

One time Brer Nansi decided he want to take a trip to the moon

So what he did, he went and borrow some feathers from a bird

A beautiful ground dove

Well, when they reach up and they pass the clouds and things going nice

Brer Nansi start to buse the man

Telling the man that if he doesn’t see how he does live on earth

How he does be stepping and looking so pretty everyday

And the birds are so ugly

The bird just take back all he feather, pupa,

and lef’ Brer Nansi right up dey in space

Cho. (repeat, out)

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