Old Road Fight by Queen Ivena

Transcribed by ear; all errors or omissions are mine. I’d love to continue building this data base of Antiguan and Barbudan song lyrics; anyone who wants to help with this (teachers? students? can anyone say research project?) welcome to do so.

Song: Old Road Fight
The artist: Queen Ivena

So with disrespect
He want to go through me land
To build highway and to mash up my production
There is no more land to give
I have no alternative
I must preserve my land so that my children could live
But them Uncle Tom
They always very happy
To appease Massa
Just to sit on his gallery
So tell Sterling and Dakati
Tell Southwell and friend Robbie
That me blade well sharp
So nuh underestimate me

So we ah go fight them
in the dead of night
Fight them whether black or white
Fight them in the morning (Fight them)
Fight them in the evening
Fight them each and every one
Fight them all to save we land
Fight them in the morning (Fight them)
Fight them in the evening
Fight them every day until they give in (We go fight)
Fight them every day
We bound to win

From the first attack
They retreated from their golf course
They never could stand the farmers united force
And while they push their resort
And the youth they spin and contort
They never said they wanted our bay to make a drug port
The environment, the enemy came to destroy
To say he’s a nature boy might just be a ploy
The mangrove he is damaging
And the beach where we love to swim
So on every front Old Road will be fighting him


When the war drums roll
They calling Old Road heroes
Kublai, Gracie, Shaska, Baggas, and King Laro
Young Gantone, and Kubuja
Raswaka and John Dyer
I say you fought that day in the spirit of Africa
Our ancestors, we know they were very proud
Ma Clemmie and Olive Humphreys was in the crowd
Vivian and daughter Nancy
Devon Deckins and friend Nicey
With soldiers like Ms. Aggie we will take over Wadadli


The call to war has reached up Parham Harbour
It falls on the ears of Rasta Man Destah Jah
Where is Namba and Alister
Call Lovell and Zakela
It is a holy war, a revival of Black Power
When the conch shell sound
It spread right across the land
King Court calling rebel man and rebel woman
Go get your All Saints posse
It’s time for Black unity
For this time around we are certain of victory


This is transcribed by me (blogger and Wadadli Pen founder and coordinator) Joanne C. Hillhouse for educational purposes; no profit is being made.

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