[Podcast] Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! – Eugenia O’Neal

New Caribbean romance writing podcast …see the Early to Mid October Caribbean Lit Plus bulletin for details.

Tim Tim? Bwa Fik!

Tim Tim? Bwa Fik! Welcome to episode 1. Eugenia O’Neal is from the British V.I and she’s the author of “Jamaica Dreaming”. In this first segment, we talk about her definition of Caribbean romance and  what we need to build a strong community of authors.

Stay tuned for more. #2TBF


0:00 – 1:21: intro + opening credits

1:22 – 4:17: self-introduction and how I fell in love with romance novels

4:18 – 5:45 : my fear of writing Caribbean romance

5:45 – 7:05: introduction of Eugenial O’Neal

7:06 – 8:10: how Eugenia O’Neal started writing romance

8:11 -9:00: is she a romance writer?

9:01 – 9:53: her definition of Caribbean romance

9:54 – 12:10: how Caribbean romance doesn’t exist in Amazon’s algorithm + the need to build a strong community of authors/readers.

12:11 – 13:36: outro

Music: A/C: M.Nelzy/M. Nelzy

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