Caribbean Folklore in My Own Stories (My Other Post for Caribbean Folklore Month)


Earlier in October, I did this post for Caribbean Folklore Month, an initiative of the Caribbean Authors Blog.

It’s invitation: “to share your stories, your artwork, your memories, your poems, spoken word, and performances of your country’s folklore.”

I decided to look back across my own bibliography to see if I had such folklore (spoiler alert: I do) and single some of them out (from memory).

The Boy from Willow Bend – I had a teacher who used to tell jumbie stories in free periods and the story that opens my first book is my vague recollection of a story she told, fictionalized.

“Midnight is when it come, big and fat and looking for little children to eat…”

It occurs to me as I re-write that from memory that all these stories were about getting us to stay in the house and go to sleep. I mean, the soucouyant

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