Reading Journal Update 06-01-23


My first reading journal of the year, which I’ll be linking up with the Book Beginnings on Fridays meme; let’s go.

I am currently reading a book I’ve been asked to blurb. The clock is ticking (and I’m at only pg. 85 of 267), so that’s the reading priority. So far I’m really vibing with it…which is good. Wish I could share something but I’ll post a heads up when it’s on the market.

Among published books, I made progress on Troubling Freedom by Natasha Lightfoot (currently at pg.60 of 385) and I have to admit it was a slow start for me (most non-fiction is, academic or scholarly writing doubly so) but I knew I had hit my stride when I started sharing content from it with people in my life who in all likelihood are wondering why them. The descriptions of the sunday market during slavery times…

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