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Normally we struggle to get good pictures of the awards, but this year we have an abundance of riches thanks to several camera toting folk. This gallery is made up pictures taken by the mother of 12 and younger honourable mention Vega Armstrong. We love supportive parents!

Check out her pictures below, and check out who won what.

Mali addressing the group; a short presentation that was well received.

Me, saying something.

Vega with her certificate.

Vega Armstrong with her shortlist certificate and guest presenter Mali A. Olatunji, noted photographer and aesthestician who spoke about being creative.

Herer I am with several of the winners after the awards.

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Here’re the details of who won what in 2012. And below is the first gallery from when they won.

The first set of pictures is from Cushion Club chief cook and bottle washer Cedric Holder who is always there to support and will double as photographer in a pinch. Thanks, Cedric.

Tiffany Smith tied for first place in the 18 to 35 age category with The Untitled while her Colour Red earned Honourable Mention. Photo by Cedric Holder. For use contact wadadlipen@yahoo.com

Vega Armstrong, honourable mention in the 12 and younger category for The Sea Lords. Photo by Cedric Holder. For use contact wadadlipen@yahoo.com

Karenna Nicholson's Caribbean Flavour was adjudged best under the Origins theme and first in the 12 and younger age category. Her school, Antigua Wesleyan Junior Academy, also accepted the prize for most submissions. Photo by Cedric Holder. For use contact wadadipen@yahoo.com

Jordée Josiah, third placed in the 13 to 17 age category, for her poem Let's Dance. Photo by Cedric Holder. For use contact wadadlipen@yahoo.com

Me after setting up during the day and rushing away to change and return 1 minute to showtime (even with Saturday night traffic). Photo by Cedric Holder.

Book store supervisor Glen Toussaint who ably emceed the awards. Photo by Cedric Holder. For use contact wadadlipen@yahoo.com

This young lady did triple duty that night collecting for finalist Ariel Dunnah and for her school the Antigua Girls High School in addition to collecting her certificate for making the competition short list (though not the final winners' circle). Michaela Harris, I believe. For permission to use the picture contact wadadlipen@yahoo.com

Darryl George, an Honourable Mention in the 18 to 35 age category for his story Snowcone Melancholia, accepts his certificate from special guest Mali Olatunji. (Photo by Cedric Holder). Do not use without seeking permission from wadadlipen@yahoo.com

Best of Books manager Barbara Arrindell addresses the audience. (Photo by Cedric Holder) Do not use without permission from wadadlipen@yahoo.com

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  • Stories can be on any theme, but there will be special prizes for the best ‘Origins’ and best ‘Liberate Love’ stories
  • The word limit is 600 per entry.
  • Entries can be in any literary genre and/or style, but they must be Caribbean in spirit.
  • Entries must be original and previously unpublished.
  • Each writer is allowed up to three entries.
  • Entries must be submitted electronically, in Microsoft Word format, to wadadlipen@yahoo.com (either as an attachment or copied into the body of the email).
  • Subject line should read ‘WADADLI PEN CHALLENGE 2012 submission (plus the main author’s initials)– for example, if I were submitting, it would read: WADADLI PEN CHALLENGE 2011 JCH – attachments without the appropriate subject line will not be opened.
  • Include (on a separate page) contact info – your name, age, gender, school (if any), email, phone, address and, if below age 18, the name of your parent/guardian and contact number; if 18 and over, include place of employ or institution of study.
  • Be sure to name your story/poem.
  • Submit a short bio – no more than five lines; and an even shorter story summary – not a blow by blow account of the story but a synopsis which should include the central theme, main characters, and plot synopsis: in other words what’s the story about? Or in the case of a poem something about what inspired it.
  • Judges will deliberate and work with the short listed writers on editing the top submissions, readying them for publication and final ranking. Short listed writers will be required to cooperate in a timely manner during this process, reviewing edits, redrafting and resubmitting as necessary.
  • Be sure to declare that you are the creator and owner of the story or art work submitted, and that you are granting permission to use said creation to the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize. Be sure to review our Terms of Use before doing so.
  • Joint submissions are acceptable but all names must be listed and winners will have to divide the prizes among themselves (there will not be duplication of prizes).
  • Any legal resident or citizen of Antigua and Barbuda may enter, provided he/she is 35 years or younger. Contingent on the quality of the entries, winners will be selected in the 12 and under, 13 to 17, and 18 to 35 age categories, with three overall best writers being selected as well – these may come from any of the age categories. Theme specific prizes will also be given, if deserving. The winner with the overall number one spot is the winner whose name will be added to the Challenge plaque sponsored by the Best of Books.
  • Antiguans and Barbudans not resident on the island may also enter provided they can designate a resident Antiguan and Barbudan to collect their winnings; prizes will not be shipped overseas.
  • The 2011 submission deadline is February 17th 2012.
  • Winners will be announced (and rewarded) in March 2012 at a ceremony hosted by the Best of Books.
  • Winners should receive prizes submitted by various sponsors (we are in the process of soliciting said prizes) and divided at the discretion of the Wadadli Pen team.


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Wadadli Pen 2012 Now Accepting Submissions


Origins, Liberating Love; the Focus of Wadadli Pen 2012

16th January 2012

The Wadadli Pen 2012 Challenge in partnership with the Best of Books is inviting submissions of poems and short stories from Antiguans and Barbudans between now and February 17th 2012.

You don’t have to create to a specific theme but your stories, as usual, do have to be Caribbean in spirit. Don’t interpret this to mean you have to create in a box but rather use the Caribbean as the foundation from which you will let your imagination fly. Returning to its roots, when it started in 2004, the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize 2012 edition will not limit you to a single theme; let your Muse be your guide and write about whatever you want. That said, in addition to the prizes within age categories (12 and younger, 13 to 17, 18 to 35) and for the overall winners, judges will select best stories under the themes Origins and Liberate Love. For those of you who need it consider it a prompt.

Liberate Love as a theme is a tie in with a new campaign, of the same name, set to be launched here in 2012; while the idea behind Origins is to encourage us “to dream our own dreams, let our imaginations run free for a while”, to quote Caribbean author Joanne Gail Johnson. Origins, therefore, can range from physical to mythological, from the origin of an idea to the origin of a country. We really want to encourage you to push the boundaries, break with convention; take risks.

Entries must be original, created by you, and previously unpublished; they can be no more, give or take, than 600 words; and each individual is allowed up to three submissions. You must be 35 years or younger to enter, and you can write in any genre.

Parents and teachers, here’s an opportunity to provide a new challenge for young people in your lives; build their literacy skills, while drawing on their knowledge and experience and unleashing their imagination.

For full terms of use and other guidelines visit https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com or email wadadlipen@yahoo.com if you have specific questions.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.


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Breadloaf seeking nominees

I (your blogger, Joanne C. Hillhouse) had the good fortune to be selected to attend the Breadloaf Writers Conference in Vermont in 2008 as the recipient of the Michael and Marilee Fairbanks International Literary Fellowship. It’s the oldest conference of its kind in the US and counts among its founders revered poet Robert Frost, whose nearby farmhouse I got the opportunity to visit while at Breadloaf. It’s an experience I would readily recommend to any up and coming writer; and one, resources allowing, I hope to repeat in the future – not to mention that Breadloaf in Sicily, which combines top notch instruction in a delightful locale is now on my personal bucket list; but for that, alas, there are no available fellowships.

There’s nothing stale about the regular Breadloaf, though, so if you know of a young writer who’s published his or her first or second book (not including chap books, self-published books, books for which the candidate served as co-author or editor, academic books, children’s books, young adult literature or how-to books) in English within the last four years in the genre in which they’re applying; hor she may qualify for a fellowship. If he or she is a writer living in Africa or the Caribbean, the Fairbanks International Fellowship which covers air fare, accomodation, meals, and more is a possibility.

With this fellowship, in my case, I had the opportunity to work alongside Ursula Hegi and Will Allison in a small group workshop setting, to read from my work alongside Ginger Strand and Alexander Parsons, to observe readings by the likes of Edward P. Jones and Lynn Freed, and to participate in workshops and lectures led by the likes of Robert Boswell and Alexander Chee.

me, second row far left, with other participating writers including workshop leader Ursula Hegi, second row centre, and fellow fellow Will Allison, back row right.

What I enjoyed most was the opportunity to connect with other writers like my roomie Preeta Samarasan. In the interest of full disclosure what I enjoyed the least was probably my agent pitch which was nerve wracking before and disappointing after the fact (I suck at that kind of stuff and it didn’t help that it felt like my whole future was riding on it) …inspite of which it’s a plus that you get the opportunity to network with and pitch to literary agents as well (besides all’s well that ends well as I landed an agent shortly after, reworked my manuscript and eventually landed a publisher for my forthcoming book Oh Gad!).

Breadloaf’s Vermont locale, by the way, is one of its selling points; green, clean air, tall trees, barns, rivers, limited technological distractions…lots of incentive to read, and write, and learn, and just be. Plus, at night, Breadloafers do know how to party.

So, lots to recommend it. If you do think of anyone to recommend, do so and Breadloaf will do the rest. Keep in mind that it runs from August 15th to 25th but the application deadline is in March; try to nominate by January 17th. Of course, if you don’t get nominated and you think you’d make a good candidate, why wait for someone to pick you; I didn’t.

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