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ALBA Prize – Call for Nominations

The Bolivarian Alliance for Our America (In spanish: ALBA), through its Cultural ALBA Grannacional Project, announces the ALBA Prize in Literature and the ALBA Prize in Arts for the work of a lifetime, for 2014.


  • The Prizes will go to alive creators who have constantly dedicated their lives and work to enrich the Latin-American and Caribbean cultural heritage through original contributions in any literary genre and art expression, and who have outstandingly contributed to enhance the common and, at the same time, diverse values which conform our peoples’ community, favoring our people’s emancipation and their cultural decolonization.
  • The nominations to the Prizes should be submitted by associations of writers and artists, universities and academic institutions, regional cultural entities and others identified with the spirit of these Prizes. In every case, some basic information about the nominating entity should be submitted too.
  • The suggestions should be presented in legal form subscribed by the named authority and specifying the Prize she/he is being nominated in (Literature or Arts). It will include a properly substantiated short biography of the nominee, in no more than five (5) sheets.
  • The jury, one for both Prizes, will be integrated by outstanding personalities of the Latin-American and Caribbean culture. The jury’s decision will be based on the submitted nominations and its own nominations proposed; the jury is not empowered to not award any of the Prizes.
  • The nominations should be emailed to premios@albacultural.cult.cu and submissions deadline is November 30, 2014. Suggestions not abiding to the above-mentioned stipulations will be disregarded.
  • There is no right of appeal against the jury’s verdict, which will be informed at a date that will be announced on time.
  • Each Prize (in Literature and in Arts) will be one and indivisible, consisting in a symbolic trophy and cash prize amounting seventy-five thousand American dollars (75,000.00 USD).

For further information: http://www.albacultural.org / premios@albacultural.cult.cu

Awarded ALBA Prizes: 

Literature                                                    Year                                            Arts 

Mario Benedetti (Uruguay)                           2007                 Oscar Niemeyer (Brazil)

Roberto Fernández Retamar (Cuba)           2008                 Jorge Sanjinés (Bolivia)

Frei Betto (Brazil)                                         2009                 León Ferrari (Argentina)

Luis Britto García (Venezuela)                    2010                  Silvio Rodríguez (Cuba)

George Lamming (Barbados)                      2011           Santiago García (Colombia)

Eduardo Galeano (Uruguay)                       2012                   Alicia Alonso (Cuba)

Click here for More Opportunities. (Use search feature to the right if the link is broken).

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Take your shot

For over 18s…

The International Radio Playwriting Competition is run by the BBC World Service and the British Council, in partnership with Commonwealth Writers and is now in its 23rd year.

It is a competition for anyone resident outside Britain, to write a 53-minute radio drama for up to six characters. Read more.
For under 18s…
Inspiring, encouraging and acknowledging the creativity of young people is a common goal for London-based Litro magazine and the International Gateway for Gifted Youth at the University of Warwick. Litro& IGGY are pleased to announce that the International Short Story Award for Young People will be held again in 2012. Read More.
For all ages… provided you have a book in you…but not in print…
A friend sent me this one in the mail and I got all excited until I read the fine print: must be under 40, check; born in Latin America or the Caribbean, check; original novel, check; unpublished and not under contract, damn. Anyway, it’s not for me, clearly, since Oh Gad! is under contract and already on the market. But maybe it’s yours. Here are the deets:

Fourth Novel Contest for Latin America and the Caribbean
ALBA NARRATIVA 2013, for authors under 40 years old

The ALBA Funds for Culture, through theDulceMaríaLoynazCulturalCenterinHavana, announce the Fourth Novel Contest for Latin America and the Caribbean ALBA NARRATIVA 2013, with the aim of encouraging and promoting young novelists who write with a renewing, Latin American andCaribbeanview in the countries of Our America. The Fourth Novel Contest forLatin Americaand the Caribbean ALBA NARRATIVA 2013 will develop in accordance with the following




The Contest is open to authors under 40 years old, born in any country in Latin America and theCaribbean, regardless of their place of residence, with original and unpublished novels which are not under contract with a publisher, literary agent or any other form of legal binding and which are not simultaneously participating in another contest.

Manuscripts must be written in English or Spanish languages and should be novels reflecting any aesthetic tendency and theme, between 120 pages (180,000 characters) and 400 pages (600,000 characters). Two printed copies and a digital copy of the manuscript, identified with the entrant’s pseudonym, should be sent.

A closed envelope will be included, containing the name of the entrant, a photocopy of the identification document affirming his/her nationality, as well as the address, email address and telephone number of the entrant and the entrant’s previous writing credits. The title of the novel and the entrant’s pseudonym will be written on the envelope.

Ilegible, unbound manuscripts or those which fail to comply with any of the rules herein stated will not be eligible to enter the Contest. The organizers will create an Admission Committee to guarantee the fulfillment of these requirements.

Manuscripts should be sent via the postal service or delivered personally to the institution inHavana, declaring the intention to participate in the Fourth Novel Contest forLatin Americaand the Caribbean ALBA NARRATIVA 2013.

Centro Cultural Dulce María Loynaz.

19 y E, El Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución,

La Habana, CUBA. CP. 10 400.

Manuscripts sent via email will be accepted if they comply with the rules herein stated. Manuscripts submitted digitally must be in Microsoft Word format, typed in Times New Roman font size 12, with 1.5 spaces between lines, and should be sent to albanarrativa@loynaz.cult.cu or albanarrativa@yahoo.es before the deadline. Two documents should be attached to the message: the novel manuscript and the author’s personal data requested on rule3. A message of confirmation will be sent by the organizers to acknowledge receipt of the entrant’s manuscript.

The deadline for the receipt of manuscripts is October 7, 2012. Entries postmarked no later than this date will be accepted unless they arrive after the judges have started their evaluation.

The Novel Prize forLatin Americaand the Caribbean ALBA NARRATIVA 2013 will consist of an accreditation certificate, plus ten thousand dollars (10.000.00 USD or its equivalent in the local currency of the winners’ countries) and the publication of the prize-winning book. A Prize will be given in each language. Be awarded a second prize in the Spanish language consisting of five thousand dollars (5.000.00 USD) or its equivalent in the currency of the award-winning author and the publication of the winning book.

The monetary retribution of the prizes will cover the royalties for the first edition of up to 10.000 copies of the novel, which will be published by the ALBA Funds for Culture and may include a translation in the other language of the Contest. Any further edition shall declare that the novel was awarded the Novel Prize forLatin Americaand the Caribbean ALBA NARRATIVA 2013.

An odd number of judges will be chosen among eminent Latin American andCaribbeanwriters. Their decision will be final.

The judges will meet for their final sessions during the XXII International Book Fair in Havana, in February 2013, and their decision will be made public as part of the programmed activities of the Fair.

The judges may decide not to select a winner in either language if, in their sole opinion, none of the manuscripts submitted are of acceptable quality. However, the Prizes cannot be given to more than one entrant in either language. The judges could also distinguish novels of noticeable quality among the finalists, although the ALBA Funds for Culture will not have any obligation to publish them.

No critical evaluation or commentary will be offered and the manuscripts will not be returned to the authors.

By entering the Fourth Novel Contest forLatin Americaand the Caribbean ALBA NARRATIVA 2013, contestants must accept the rules herein stated. The interpretation of these rules or any other aspect not considered by them will concern only the judges and, as a last resort, the organizers.


About the First Novel Prize for Latin America and theCaribbeanALBA NARRATIVA 2010

(In Spanish):

Entries: 148 manuscripts from 16 countries.

Judges: President:Luis Britto García (Venezuela).

Members: Luis López Nieves (Puerto Rico), Francisco López Sacha (Cuba).

Novels and authors awarded:

Prize: Percusión y tomate, Sol Linares (Venezuela).

Honorific mention: Verde Alicia, Juan Pablo Fiorenza (Argentina).


About the Second Novel Prize for Latin America and theCaribbeanALBA NARRATIVA 2011

(In Spanish):

Entries: 141 manuscripts from 17 countries.

Judges: President: Vicente Battista (Argentina).

Members: Reinaldo González (Cuba), Sol Linares (Venezuela).

Novels and authors awarded:

Prize: Viaje al interior de una gota de sangre, Daniel Ferreira (Colombia).

Honorific mention: El papel de lija, Alejandro Carpio (Puerto Rico).


About the Third Novel Prize for Latin America and theCaribbeanALBA NARRATIVA 2012

(In Spanish):

Entries: 99 manuscripts from 18 countries.

Judges: President: Chiqui Vicioso (República Dominicana).

Members: Marilyn Bobes (Cuba), Alejandro Carpio (Puerto Rico),

Miguel Antonio Chávez (Ecuador), César Gutiérrez (Perú).

Novels and authors awarded:

Prize: Goo y el amor, Claudia Apablaza (Chile)

Honorific mention: La Concordia, Evelio Traba (Cuba).



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