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Antiguan and Barbudan Writings – Mixed/Anthology/Other or Unknown

N.B. This is a sub-list of the bibliography of Antiguan and Barbudan Writings. It is specific to books that are a mix of genres. Use the search window to the right to find the master list and other sub-lists, broken down by genre (fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc.). As with the rest of the bibliography, this list is specific to books and/or CDs. Publications in journals can also be found by using the search window to the right. Also reviews of published Antiguan and Barbudan works, interviews, and much more. If you’re looking for Wadadli Pen winners, use the drop down menu on the right or search Wadadli Pen by year, name, story or other feature (e.g. ‘Wadadli Pen winning stories’, ‘Wadadli Pen story links’). Hope you find what you’re looking for.

Name: Heather Doram


The Heather Doram Caribbean Collection Coloring Book: Daily Life. 2021.

The Heather Doram Caribbean Collection Coloring Book: Sea Life. 2021.

The Heather Doram Caribbean Collection Coloring Book: Nature. 2021.

The Heather Doram Caribbean Collection Coloring Book: Homeland. 2021.

About the Books:

This is a colouring book series by one of, if not top, Antiguan and Barbudan artist Heather Doram and it’s categorized as Other instead of Children’s Lit, here because we believe it’s intended for adults, not children. Just look at the official summary (excerpted):

Are you looking for a way to relax after a long day? Need to release stress and spark your creative juices? Anxious for a new adventure? Well, reach for your colored pencils because these fanciful hand drawn illustrations will surely bring joy, peace, colour and creativity to your life. According to researchers, picking up a coloring pencil and book could be beneficial for your mental health. So Improve your mood, reduce your stress and boost your creativity with The Heather Doram Caribbean Collection. In creating the books, Heather was influenced by the people and their daily lives, the culture, and the flora and fauna of the landscape. She was mostly drawn to the working class; the farmers and the market vendors surrounded by stalks and baskets of luscious, colorful fruits and vegetables; and she would make up stories about the conversation they would be having as they went about their day. Details: beautiful, hand drawn illustrations; quality, single-sided paper to prevent bleed-through; suitable for markers, colouring pencils, and gel pens; large 8.5×11 format which can be removed and framed; suitable for all skill levels.

About the Author:

Heather Doram, MFA, GCM, is both a veteran and Antigua and Barbuda’s leading contemporary artist.
She believes in art as a catalyst of change. She studied art at Jamaica’s Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts and the Savannah College of Art and Design – distinctions from her time there include being named to the Who’s Who in American College Universities, her art being selected to represent the college at the Venice Biennale, and the college purchasing almost her entire thesis show for its permanent collection. She was one of only 12 Caribbean artists selected in 2004 for a US$20,000 prize and one of only 40 featured in the Textile Museum of Canada’s show at the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Games. As a textile artist, Heather manipulates felt to create a visual experience at once personal, domestic, and universal. She works with a mix of elements – acrylic paints, metallic threads, found objects, while using colour and animal (butterfly, lizard, dragonfly) symbolism as a visual shorthand.  Her work celebrates womanliness while also acknowledging its complexity. Most emblematic of this has been her signature show Strength of a Woman. But it runs throughout all of her major series: We have So Many Stories to Tell, Sands of Time, and the Shadow Boxes made of found objects, which probe at Antigua and Barbuda’s societal shifts with a mix of nostalgia and curiosity. Off canvas, Heather explores various creative avenues: actress in The Sweetest Mango, No Seed, The Amazing Maizie and Em comedy shorts, and several stage productions; talk show host (ABS TV’s Keeping it Real), and a gallery owner (Ulanda). Her work has showed up on the Carnival stage and street (due to her multi-decade, multi-award winning costume collaborations with husband Connie), book covers (The Boy from Willow Bend), in the airport (a commissioned mural), on non-traditional surfaces like bottles and trays, and on the bodies of many Antiguans and Barbudans on National Dress Day (as the artist behind the dress’ official design). She has worked as an educator, education administrator (visual arts curriculum officer with the Ministry of Education), and chief examiner for visual arts over a decade with the Caribbean Examinations Council. She retired in 2006 after peaking as culture director. In retirement, she offers art workshops while producing new work prolifically. Her Grand Cross of the Most Illustrious Order of Merit was bestowed in 2002. See her features on her work in CREATIVE SPACE herehere, and here.


Name: Robin Forward and Marie Kinsella

Book: Images of the Sun. 2011.

About the Book:

An anthology by Robin Forward illustrated by Marie Kinsella in aid of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine Antigua W. I. Restoration Fund.

About the Authors: 

Robin Forward – In 1800, his great grandfather Cap Tiller first came to the island – in Nelson’s Navy. Cap Tiller’s daughter Jane was born in Antigua and later married Robert McDonald beginning five generations of Robin’s family born in Antigua. Born in
1934, he became a doctor – an anesthesiologist – while also developing an interest in writing poetry. He’s published three collections and his epic poem For the Ancestors was published in 2005 in The Journal of Caribbean Literature. He retired in 1999.

Marie Kinsella – born Ireland – moved to England at 13 – came to Antigua in 1984 – where she fell in love with the people and the beautiful light of the island and stayed.


Name: various (including Alexia Baird, Motion, Itah Sadu, Brenda Lee Browne, Trey Anthony, Sister Soiuljah, Jully Black, Barbara Arrindell, Jemini, D’bi Young, Tiffani Powell, Glenda Prince, the editors etc.); editor – Althea Prince; co-editors Gayle Gonsalves and Aisha Wilks)

Book: 9781554831753_cover_coverbookpage-v2The Black Notes. Insomniac Press. Canada. 2017.

About the Book: 

The Black Notes contains stories and poems written by 12 black women. The storytelling crosses intergenerational, and local, national, and international cultural sensibilities, giving the reader a glimpse of the way the storytellers ‘receive’ and ‘share’ story.

About the Author: 

Prince is covered in Fiction, Children’s Fiction, and Non-Fiction.

Gonsalves is covered in Fiction.

Arrindell is covered in Fiction, Children’s Fiction, and Non-Fiction.

Baird (“Fashion Trends” and “Stay Woke”) is the daughter of Glenda Prince.

Browne is covered in Poetry and Fiction.

Motion is covered in Plays/Screenplays and Poetry.

Powell (“My Heart is his Prisoner).

G. Prince (“Giving Thanks).


Name: various (including Vivian Michael, Jhohadli, Eulie Frederick, Carl E. Samuel, Malaka Parker, Monique James-Roberts, Linley Wynter, Gavin Crump, Karil Sampson, and anon.)

Book: Collective Soul. Chrysalis. Antigua. 1998.

About the Author:

Michael is covered in Poetry.

Jhohadli is Joanne C. Hillhouse, covered in several sub-lists.


Name: authors – various (including Catherine Bain, George Elliott Clarke, Gayle Gonsalves, Joanne C. Hillhouse, Clifton Joseph, Dwayne Morgan, Motion, Jelani Nias/J-Wyze, Djanet Sears, Mansa Trotman); editor – Althea Prince

Book: In the Black cover

In the Black: New African Canadian Literature. Insomniac. Canada. 2012.

About the Book: 

In a mix of short fiction, poetry, dub poetry, and hip hop, some of Black Canada’s foremost writers from across generations explore history, community, love, and healing.

About the Author:

Prince is covered in Fiction, Children’s Fiction, and Non-Fiction.

Gonsalves is covered in Fiction.

Hillhouse is covered in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s Fiction, and Poetry.

Joseph is covered in Poetry.

Motion is covered in Poetry, Plays/Screenplays, and Fiction.

Nias is covered in Fiction.

Trotman is covered in Poetry.


Name: Various (Joel Lewis, Noah Yeboah, Destiny Simon, Delicia Howell, Shenika Bentick, Sheneilla Somerset)


Love Friendship & Betrayal: An Anthology of Lessons Learned.  I & I Books. 2020.

About the Book:

Collection of six stories.

About the Authors: Members of the Antigua and Barbuda Film Academy.


Name: various (Zahra Airall, Barbara Arrindell, Madeline Blackman, Brenda Lee Browne, Shakeema Edwards, Linisa George, Gayle Gonsalves,  Joanne C. Hillhouse, D. Gisele Isaac, Dotsie Isaac-Gellizeau, Yvonne H. Pamela James, Tameka Jarvis-George Clifton Joseph, Llewelyn Joseph, Kaliq Lowe, Monica Matthew, Rosie V. McMaster, Motion, Jelani Nias, Dorbrene O’Marde, Althea Prince, Janis Prince Inniss, John Prince, Ralph Prince, Taija Ryan, Heidi Skerritt,  Glen J. Toussaint, Mansa Trotman, Amber Williams-King); editor – Althea Prince

Book: nailhead.jpg

So the Nailhead Bend, So the Story End: an Anthology of Antiguan and Barbudan Writing, Voume 1. A Different Publisher. Canada. 2013.

About the Book:

A collection of Antiguan and Barbudan modern literature including established and fresh voices.

About the Authors: 

Airall is covered in Playwrights and Screenwriters, Plays/Screenplays and Poetry.

Arrindell is covered in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Playwrights and Screenwriters, and Children’s Literature

Blackman is a former Consul General for Antigua and Barbuda in Canada.

Browne is covered in Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry.

Edwards is covered in Poetry and Fiction.

George is covered in Poetry.

Gonsalves is covered in Fiction.

Hillhouse is covered in Poetry, Fiction, Children’s Literature, Playwrights and Screenwriters, and Non-Fiction.

Inniss, born in Guyana, is the daughter of Antiguan writer Ralph Prince, to whom this collection is dedicated.

Isaac is covered in Fiction.

Isaac-Gellizeau is covered in Poetry.

K. James is of Antiguan parentage; he is, also, a lecturer with a PhD in aerospace engineering.

Y. James is a retired teacher.

Jarvis-George is covered in Poetry, Children’s Literature, and Fiction.

C. Joseph is covered in Poetry.

L. Joseph’s ‘first poetic attempt at 8 – “to see ants march in perfect line/as some ascend and some decline.” His aunt laughed, and despite his mother’s encouragements, he never saved or showed anything he wrote for years.’ (p.168, So the Nailhead Bend, So the Story End)

Lowe won first place in the 2008 Independence Literary Arts Competition and was a finalist again in a subsequent year.

Matthew is covered in Non-Fiction.

McMaster is covered in Poetry.

Motion is covered in Poetry, Fiction, and Playwriting and Screenwriting.

Nias is also covered in Fiction.

O’Marde is covered in Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Playwriting and Screenwriting.

A. Prince is covered in Fiction, Children’s Literature, and Non-Fiction.

J. Prince is covered in Poetry.

R. Prince is covered in Poetry.

Ryan (“Choices and “Third Time) – this is her first publication; her maternal grandmother is Antiguan.

Skerritt was born in England to Antiguan parents and grew up in Canada. She migrated to Antigua in the 1990s, and started the Sistas with Books book club.

Toussaint is covered in Poetry.

Trotman is covered in Poetry.

Williams-King is covered in Poetry.


Name: various (including D. Gisele Isaac, David Spencer, Dianne Carrott, and others); editor – Lucilla Benjamin*

Book: Young Antiguans Write: Prize-winning Selections in Poetry and Prose from School Creative Writing Annual Competition, 1968-1978. Ministry of Education and Culture. Antigua. 1979.

About the Authors:

Benjamin was, among other things, a series advisor for the New Caribbean Reader published by Ginn and Company.

Isaac is covered in the Fiction section.


Name: Elaine Warren-Jacobs (co-author)

Book: All This is Love: A Collection of Virgin Islands Poetry, Art & Prose (w/Daisy Holder Lafond, Hilda Lewis Joyce, Jeanne O’Day, Tregenza A. Roach). 2009.

About the Book: All This is Love: A Collection of Virgin Islands Poetry, Art & Prose is a poignant reminder of the reservoir of artistic talent constantly percolating in the Virgin Islands. The contributors, each an accomplished artist in her or his own right, have brought a plethora of personal experiences and insight gleaned from individual journeys. Yet these stories, poetic entries, and artwork often recount, retell, and recapture the essence of Virgin Islands and West Indian narratives.

About the Author: Elaine Jacobs was born in Antigua and spent most of her life in the USVI.


As with all content on wadadlipen.wordpress.com, except otherwise noted, this is written by Joanne C. Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Musical Youth, With Grace, Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, its Spanish language edition Perdida! , The Jungle Outside, and Oh Gad! ). All Rights Reserved. If you enjoyed it, check out my page Jhohadli or like me on Facebook. Help me spread the word about Wadadli Pen and my books. You can also subscribe to the site to keep up with future updates. Thanks.

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Mailbox – New Bermuda Anthology

I heard recently from Dr. Kim Dismont Robinson, folk life officer with the Ministry of Social Development and Sports Department of Community and Cultural Affairs in Bermuda. I participated with her in a 2016 editing workshop in Guyana and remember being impressed in our chats with some of the programmes they have there – by the by, they’ve also been working on a cultural policy which she reports presenting on recently at CARIFESTA (of interest to me, because of our own moves in that direction here in Antigua and Barbuda). The news I want to share though, that she passed on is the recent launch of The Stories We Tell: Bermuda Anthology of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, edited by Grenadian sci-fi author Tobias Buckell. He was Bermuda’s writer-in-residence in 2014 and some of the stories in the collection came out of his workshops in Bermuda (this is a great model for how to develop the literary arts in a country). Participants also benefited from skyped sessions with Barbadian sci-fi author Karen Lord (who, by the way, edited the recent Caribbean collection New Worlds, Old Ways).

stories we tell

The cover image for The Stories We Tell is by Bermudian artist Graham Foster, a number of Bermudian artists are also included in this collection.

Other announcements concerned their new writer-in-residence cycle (with a focus on screenwriting) and the launch of The Art of Traditional Crafts and Play in Bermuda.

Good going, Bermuda.

As with all content on wadadlipen.wordpress.com, except otherwise noted, this is written by Joanne C. Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Oh Gad!, Fish Outta Water, With Grace, and Musical Youth). All Rights Reserved. Do not re-use content without permission and credit. If you enjoyed it, check out my page on Amazon, WordPress, and/or Facebook, and help spread the word about Wadadli Pen and my books. You can also subscribe to the site to keep up with future updates. Thanks.

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Mailbox – Small Islands

“Featuring the work of seventeen writers, So Many Islands, explores the many aspects of small island living – highlighting the variations and connections between islands and islanders who are literally and figuratively worlds apart.

Here writers have humanised and vocalised the issues of Small Island Developing States in ways that reports and statistics cannot. This wide range of writing harnesses the transformative power of words to encourage understanding and inspire change.”

Writers in this collection include: Angela Barry (Bermuda); Cecil Browne (St. Vincent & the Grenadines); Damon Chua (Singapore); Emma Lewis (Malta); Erato Ioannou (Cyprus); Fetuolemoana Elisara (Samoa); Heather Barker (Barbados); Karlo Mila (Tonga); Kendel Hippolyte (St. Lucia); Marita Davies (Kiribati); Melanie Schwapp (Jamaica); Mere Taito (Rotuman Island); Mikoyan Vekula (Niue); Sabah Carrim (Mauritius); Tammi Browne-Bannister (Antigua & Barbuda); Tracy Assing (Trinidad); Jacob Ross (Grenada).


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