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I came across this one in the Daily Observer newspaper and actually was happy to be reminded as I had forgotten about this competition, though we did include it on our Opportunities Too page back when. I am referring to the World Intellectual Property Day Competition which back in April asked primary and secondary school students to create a poster and/or write a research paper about an Antiguan-Barbudan-Caribbean woman. Observer of September 21st 2018 reports that there was 100 entries and that six winners have been selected. They are:

Zaniah Piggott of St. Nicholas Primary (winner of the Primary section)
Tequan Tavernier of Antigua Grammar School (winner of the Secondary section)
Ademetri Lake of Freetown Primary (second placed in the Primary section)
Talibah Joseph of Jennings Secondary (second placed in the Secondary section)
Sanae James of Sunnydale (third placed in the Primary section)
Michalia Irish of Christ the King High School (third placed in the Secondary section)

From the article, Ricki Comacho, registrar with the Antigua and Barbuda¬†Intellectual Property and Commerce Office, was quoted as saying: “Some of the women who were written about who inspired you [the students] were Dame Gwendolyn Tonge, Maria Browne, Dame Nellie Robinson, Dame Eugenia Charles, Pauline Francis, Nikki Phoenix, and Heather Dorum (sic)”.

This year’s contest was said to be the most successful in its six year run.

I didn’t see any specific mention in the article re prizes (and I don’t remember what prizes were mentioned when the competition was originally announced) but safe to say they got something, including the intangibles of discovery, expression, and achievement.

Congratulations to all involved and especially to the winners.

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