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BA & A – Writing and Public Speaking Workshops, JWP – Creative Writing Workshop Coming Up

Barbara Arrindell & Associates has offered toward the 2018 Wadadli Pen Challenge prize package a workshop entitled ‘Presenting: Telling Your Story Orally’ which will be gifted to the honourable mentions.

As for its wider community offerings, BA & A’s next set of courses come up in May. Given their support of Wadadli Pen, it seems fitting to share the registration information for their upcoming workshops. The first of the four week courses will be held in May and then in June registrants will get the opportunity to do the corresponding course and collect a certificate of completion. The goal is to empower participants to be competent communicators in the workplace.


Download the form to register:


Yes, I am one of the facilitators. This written communication course is different from my creative writing workshops as it emphasizes communication – purpose, strategies, and more as relates to the written word. Though creative writing is my passion, I do have a degree in Communications and have taught it, locally, at the college level at three different institutions.

For more on my Creative Writing workshop, see the flyer below (and contact the posted email address to register) – the winner of Wadadli Pen, incidentally, will be gifted a spot in this workshop.

April 2018

I have trained in fiction writing and editing, facilitated fiction/creative writing workshops, have edited for other writers, and, of course, write creatively – books, short stories which have been published in the Caribbean and beyond, won acclaim, been taught in educational institutions, and more. Plus, I am the founder and coordinator of Wadadli Pen. My goal is always to help participants access their best writing in a collaborative environment.

There’s still time to register for both.

Joanne C. Hillhouse


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About Dorbrene O’Marde

“Dobrene O’Marde was born on March 24th 1950 to James and Ruth O’Marde in Antigua. He grew up in the Ovals Area and started his education at St. Michael’s Primary. From there he went to Antigua Grammar School and then to The University of the West Indies where he graduated with a BSc in Physics and Chemistry.

Dobrene known to family and close friends as “FATZ” is married to Ingrid Williams from St. Vincent and is the father of 3 adult children –Kaloma, Kayode and Khari.

To say Dobrene is a well-rounded individual – no pun intended- is simply too mild a description for such a multi-faceted person.”

This is an introduction on one of our esteemed cultural workers and icons, Dorbrene O’Marde as presented during a public speaking class facilitated by Barbara Arrindell & Associates. Follow the link to read the entire piece.

Also, FYI, I teach written communication (Writing is Your Business) as an associate of BA&A. June sessions begin this week. Are you registered?

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