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Mailbox – Vanishing Sail Wins Again

Vanishing SailI met Alexis Andrews at his home at Indian Creek, Antigua some years ago (maybe around the late 90s/early 2000s-ish) to interview him about his photography. I’ve written about said photography a couple of times for local and regional publications. Andrews is Greek and has been in Antigua since he sailed here in 1986. His first book, a book of photographs, can be seen as a love letter to Antigua in Images (that’s the title by the way) in the way that it captures life in Antigua and Barbuda. Check the Antiguan and Barbudan Writings page for the full listing of his books (and, of course, all books by Antiguans and Barbudans). His photography and involvement in the yachting culture (including his day job photographing luxury yachts) intersected in what would become his film Vanishing Sail, a documentary about the culture of boat building in Carriacou. That film continues to make the film festival circuit picking up some awards along the way. We’ve captured the ones (awards, that is) we’re aware of on the Antiguans and Barbudans Awarded page. The latest, that I’m aware of is the Donald Gosling Award at the Maritime Media Awards, news of which came in this November 2017 letter (sorry for the delay; if blogging was my job I’d be more on time with these things but I get them out as fast as I can). Here’s the letter:

Dear Friends,

Last night at the Institute of Directors, iconic landmark of London’s Georgian heritage, there was a black tie dinner held in honor of the nominees for the 2017 Maritime Media Awards. This is an annual celebration acknowledging exceptional contributions to the understanding of maritime matters in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Vanishing Sail is the winner the Donald Gosling Award for Best Television or Film!

“An absolutely superb film, with all aspects of it perfectly balanced against each other – very like Exodus herself, as rewarding a maritime documentary as you could hope for.” Rob White Chair, The Maritime Foundation.

We sincerely hope this official honour & recognition will inspire support for our film to be distributed and more importantly, help us develop more boatbuilding projects for the communities of Carriacou!

Next screenings: Dartmouth, Plymouth, Falmouth – tickets: http://www.vanishingsail.com/#screenings

With Thanks & Respect,
Alexis & Justin
The Justin in the signature refers to Alexis’ producing partner Justin Sihera. Congrats to them both.


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