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Put these BOOKS on Your Christmas Shopping List!

I mean, if you want to. The exclamation point is meant to communicate enthusiasm – I’m not trying to tell you what to do. I do hope you’ll consider adding some of the books listed on these lists to your Christmas shopping list though for the book lover to the reluctant reader you’ll hoping will read more.

First, my book Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, but not only my books but books by this author, Geoffrey Philp (Uncle Obadiah and the Alien, Benjamin my Son, Marcus and the Amazons, Xango Music, The Christmas Dutch Pot Baby, Grandpa Sydney’s Anancy Stories, Who’s Your Daddy, 12 Poems and A Story for Christmas, Garvey’s Ghost, Hurricane Center, Dub Wise) who generously devoted some of his online real estate to this announcement re its Spanish language edition ¡Perdida! Una Aventura En El Mar Caribe.

These books recommended by Vintage Caribbean including personal favourite The Farming of Bones by Edwidge Dandicat, Marlon James’ multi-award winning A Brief History of Seven Killings, a few which have been on my to-read list (Tiphanie Yanique’s How to Escape a Leper Colony, The Marvelous Equations of the Dread: a Novel in Bass Riddim by Marcia Douglas, and Kei Miller’s Augustown), Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean – a collection I’m in, and – I was surprised to see – my novel Oh Gad! (which is technically out of print but there should still be some copies in the market).


Face2Face Africa’s listing of 6 Books You should read at least once in your Lifetime including The Farming of Bones (again) and Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John (another personal favourite).

Those are the lists I’ve come across this past week which should help bring some Caribbean goodness to the bookshelves of the people on your Christmas list. I’ll add only the Burt books for teens and young adults (especially, for me, the ones I still haven’t read – My Fishy Stepmom, The Dark of the Sea, The Beast of Kukuyo, Dreams Beyond the Shore, The Protector’s Pledge, The Art of White Roses), a reminder re the LIAT inflight magazine’s 25 book recs for young readers (which included my own Musical Youth and other Burt titles – Children of the Spider, All Over Again, Gone to Drift, and other regional and international titles),  and the Antiguan and Barbudan books in the #readAntiguaBarbuda #voteAntiguaBarbuda Readers Choice Book of the Year Wadadli Pen initiative. Have you voted yet?


What else, I expect to be at the Best of Books this Saturday between 3 and 5 p.m. – come  through.

Final shout out of the day to the journalists who, collectively, are Time magazine’s person of the year. Sadly some have lost their lives, others have been incarcerated for doing their job, and some continue to fight the good fight (separating fact from fiction) against amazing odds. Journalism matters (I’ve worked as a journalist, I’ve shared the media history of Antigua-Barbuda here on the Wadadli Pen blog) so I’m happy to share this vid of the Time winners with the reminder to all of us to stay vigilant and support press freedom in Antigua, Barbuda, the Caribbean, the world.

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