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Opportunities Too

The Opportunities page was getting a bit busy so I decided to start fresh. However, I recommend visiting the original page for publisher, contest, award, project etc. information and for some tips/advice on submitting/applying. This includes information re protecting your work – links to articles like this one. I won’t repeat it all here but it’s still relevant. You can also find relevant information for writers and artists on the Resources page.

This page will be dedicated to links to upcoming deadlines (links and a brief only because it’s not usual nor practical to post all the details here, also for crediting purposes) and fresh content will be added (and stale content removed) as time goes on. So, check back. As a reminder, I research a lot of contests and markets, residencies and other opportunities because I submit to a lot of contests and markets, residencies and other opportunities, including some of these. I am a working writer. I’m sharing because hopefully you’ll go for yours too.  Further reminder: I try to do research before posting and do so in good faith; still, I can’t vouch for every link. These are just shares; Wadadli Pen aside, I have no stake in anything posted here and will bear no responsibility for whatever happens when/if you choose to engage with any of them. I’ve tried to make it easier by grouping them here, but do your homework.

Finally, if you’re looking for writing and publishing related services (including writing, editing, and one-on-one writing, communication, and literature coaching and tutoring), here’s a link re my services, my workshops, and a breakdown of some of these services available from me and others in Antigua and Barbuda


July 30th 2021 – The Bocas Children’s Book Prize is a new prize to be awarded annually to one English-language chapter book for children written by a Caribbean author. The prize is administered by the Bocas Lit Fest, and supported by the Unit Trust Corporation. It will reward the most outstanding contribution to Caribbean literature for young independent readers, aged 7 to 12. The winner will be announced in November 2021, and will receive a US$1,000 cash prize. Works of fiction (including short story collections), literary non-fiction and graphic novels written for children are eligible. Details here. ETA: There have been changes to the submission criteria (word count is now 1500 words and books don’t have to be chapter books – see Carib Lit Plus (Early to Mid July 2021 for more)

July 31st 2021 – Room magazine – 45.1 Ancestors issue – unpublished writing – interpret the theme in the way that resonates most for you, whether that includes connecting with your ancestors, honouring the legacies you are a part of, setting out on a different path from those who came before you, or something entirely different. In addition to unpublished writing, Room is interested in receiving art that responds to the theme of ancestors. Some possibilities we imagine include works that engage with archival materials (whatever that means to you) and artistic renderings of photographs. Submit here.

July 31st 2021 – Short Fiction Journal – publishes one story per month as a featured piece and will periodically seek to publish one story in a new section ‘introducing’, which will be a showcase for excellent new writers (that is, writers for whom this is their first published piece). Submissions can be anywhere between 500 and 5000 words. More submission criteria and submission portal here.

August 1st 2021 – 2022 PEN America Literary Awards.

August 12th 2021 – Mercury Phase Out Video Competition (Antigua and Barbuda) – 

Per a Mercury Phase Out Antigua Barbuda instagram post, “some every day products that contain mercury include fluorescent light bulbs, mercury-added thermometers and other mercury-added medical devices, dental amalgams (silver fillings), and some skin lightening products and cosmetics. In addition, larger fish species are known to contain mercury through a process known as bioaccumulation.”

August 16th 2021 – The Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF) in
partnership with The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) of Barbados has allocated an amount equivalent
to forty-seven thousand United States dollars (USD47,000) towards the cost of CIIF Festival Protocol
Consultancy Project and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this to eligible payments under a
contract for which this invitation is issued. CDB now wishes to procure consultancy services for the development of a sustainable regional protocol/toolkit for festivals and carnivals. The objective of the consultancy is to develop a sustainable regional protocol/toolkit for festivals and carnivals within the ongoing COVID-19 context and relevant crises such as hurricanes, earthquakes or volcanoes that adversely affect the Region. The duration of the assignment is expected to be for a period of three (3) months. Read the full brief: Expression of Interest Request_Festival Protocol Consultancy _CDB_CIIF_26-7-2021

September 30th 2021 – National (Antigua and Barbuda) Honours. Collect and return forms at the Governor General’s official residence or by email. Call 462-0002/3/5.

October 31st 2021 – 199860314_4071988709553783_3812609575612031784_n

September 1st – November 1st 2021 – Commonwealth Short Story Prize – Shortlist to be announced April 2022, Regional winner May 2022, and Global winner June 2022. Details here.

June – November 2021 – Bocas Lit Fest Workshops. bocas-workshopworkshops-guide-june-november-2021 & Also find out how (and why) to become a Friend of Bocas. Thanks to Bocas for being a 2021 Wadadli Pen Patron, providing access to some of our finalists to the workshops and, to our winner, the Friend of Bocas benefits.

December 31st 2021 – Call for submissions to The Caribbean Writer Volume 36 – theme: Disruption, Disguise, and Illuminations. Submissions eligible for one of several prizes. Submit via the online portal.

January 31st 2022 – William Saroyan International Prize for Writing – Works of fiction (novels, short story anthologies, or drama) or non-fiction (biography, history, or memoirs) by authors from around the world and first published during 2020-2021 are eligible for consideration. Authors who have published four or more books will not be considered new and emerging. There is a US$50 non-refundable fee. Additional eligibility guidelines and entry details here.

As with all content on Wadadli Pen, except otherwise noted, this is researched and written by Antiguan and Barbudan writer Joanne C. Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Oh Gad!, Musical Youth, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight 10th Anniversary Edition and Other Writings, With Grace, and Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure; also a freelance writer, editor, writing coach and workshop facilitator). Excerpting, reblogging, linking etc. is fine, but PLEASE do not lift ANY content (images or text) wholesale from this site without asking first and crediting the creator of that work and/or copyright holder. All Rights Reserved. If you like the content here follow or recommend the blog, also, check out my page on Amazon, WordPress, and/or Facebook, and help spread the word about Wadadli Pen and my books. Thank you.


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