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Just Passing It On – Word!

WORD! Poster - NK36 writers (novelists, poets; storytellers); 16 countries (and territories if you include Puerto Rico); 7 states (if you include Puerto Rico); 6 hours (more if you’re a volunteer); 4 boroughs (we’ll find someone from Staten Island one day); 3 platforms (including special for young readers)….
We’re counting down to what will undoubtedly be a fascinating celebration of heritage, creativity and insight.
WORD! – A Caribbean Book Fest
“Islands in the City”
Medgar Evers College, 1650 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Sunday, June 8, 2014.
2 – 8pm
DONATION: $10 – adults.  $5.00 – children


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WORD! – A Caribbean Book Fest – Call for Writers

Caribbean Cultural Theatre invites established and emerging writers of published works to participate in the third staging of WORD! – A Caribbean Book Fest at Medgar Evers College -City University of New York on Sunday, June 8, 2014. This coming together of authors and storytellers, readers and literary curious coincides with Caribbean American Heritage Month and is held in Brooklyn, NY – the world’s largest Caribbean meeting place.

Creative writers and poets whose work may include, but not limited to, issues of identities, migration and assimilation, resistance, politics, gender and sexuality, oral narratives and storytelling, language, sports and pastimes in the Caribbean and its Diaspora.  Young writers, first-time published writers, and those writing with a youth focus are especially encouraged to respond.

Interested writers should contact poets@caribbeantheatre.org with a brief outline of published work and/or work to be presented by March 8, 2014.

Geared at positioning the writer’s work as part of a larger conversation on identity, aspiration, heritage and the immigrant experience, WORD! features a mix of workshops on publishing, readings by critically acclaimed and emerging literary talents, stimulating discussion, and performances by electrifying spoken word artists.

WORD! – A Caribbean Book Fest

A celebration of Caribbean culture, thought, letters and a good story! Now in its third year, this afternoon-long program for readers of all ages highlights the range and diversity of work emanating from the Caribbean and its Diaspora in all the official languages of the region (Dutch, English, French; Spanish) and related native languages.


2013 Featured Writers included:

Writers for Young Readers

Summer Edward (Trinidad & Tobago)     Zetta Elliott (St. Kitts)

Devon Harris (Jamaica)                                  Tracey Pierre (Haiti)

Shabana Sharif (USA/Guyana)                   Clyde Viechweg (Grenada)

Ibi Zoboi (Haiti)


Fiction Writers

Elsie Agustave (Haiti)                                      Lynn Grange (Trinidad & Tobago)

Petra Lewis (Trinidad & Tobago)                Monica Matthew (Antigua & Barbuda)

Bernice McFadden (USA/Barbados)        Elizabeth Nunez (Trinidad & Tobago)

Sandra Ottey (Jamaica)



Keisha Gay Anderson (Jamaica)                 Carmen Bardeguez-Brown (Puerto Rico)

Etaniel Ben Yehuda (USA/Trinidad)          Anna Ruth Henriques (Jamaica)

Deborah Jack (St. Maarten)                         Rosamond King (USA/Trinidad/Gambia)

Hermina Marcellin (St. Lucia)                      David Mills (USA/Jamaica)

Ras Osagyefo (Jamaica)                                 Jason S. Price (Belize)

The Comapany

Caribbean Cultural Theatre is a theatrical immersion experience presenting the work of Caribbean based and/or influenced writers, performers and other practitioners that both entertains and enlightens and honours a balanced rendering of Caribbean culture and the Caribbean-American experience.

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