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Caribbean Colouring Books

One came in to my mailbox recently and I decided to mention it but to use the opportunity to shout out a couple others I’m aware of as well.

colouring book

This is the one that landed in my mailbox via Barbados’ Chattel House Books. It looks like a combo colouring and activity book, and is described as a Kiddies Caribbean Heritage Activity Book. Someone asked me recently about a book for kids depicting Carnival; seems like this would be a good fit for that request, right?


I recently suggested this colouring book by Trinidad and Tobago artist Danielle Boodoo Fortune to a local bookstore given the popularity of adult colouring books – as stress relief. This looks like one I could have fun with. I am biased, of course, by the fact that I love this artist’s art and that she illustrated my latest book Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure.


This one I used to work on with one of my nephews. It’s an Antiguan and Barbudan colouring book by Wadadli Pen partner, writer, and bookstore manager Barbara Arrindell with illustrations by Edison Liburd – a past Wadadli Pen patron and another artist whose work I like. This one highlights places and spaces emblematic of Antiguan and Barbudan culture. And as indicated from my own experience great for adults to do with the kids in their lives.

This sub-genre seems far from saturated, a google search for ‘Caribbean Colouring Book’ to fill out this post turning up the older Macmillan’s Caribban A-Z and Caribbean Sights and Scenes colouring books, a Pirates of the Caribbean Colouring Book – neither of which, obviously, would have grown organically out of the Caribbean, and US born, global artist raised in Trinidad Jade Gedeon’s Island Escape.142437

What say you? Is the Caribbean colouring book market primed for explosion or what? or don’t kids colour anymore? or is my Google-fu broken?

Anyway, happy to share these finds.

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