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Shouting out Shabier

Antiguan and Barbudan cinematographer and producer Shabier Kirchner was spotted recently at Sundance, there as part of the team behind the film Skate Kitchen. The film, which at this writing, has an 81 percent rating on meta critic and is 100 percent certified fresh on rotten tomatoes, albeit with only a handful of reviews counted so far, is the story of a suburban American teen befriended by female skateboarders and resultantly drawn in to the sport’s subculture, into new friendships, and in to a deeper understanding of self. I haven’t seen it, that’s what I’m picking up from what I’ve read.

Shabier is the director of photography. Peep the poster:

skate kitchen

Read the report of his experience at Sundance, where the film, directed by Christal Moselle was a nominee for the Audience award, over at Antiguanice.

Congrats, Shabier.

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