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Books for 1735: This is a Picture Post

But first, the back story. Ayanna Shadrach, a teacher at Clare Hall Secondary, last November collected a couple boxes of books from me as part of her drive to donate books to the Antigua and Barbuda prison (the titular 1735 named above, otherwise known as the place behind the big red gate). In all, with the help of her students, she collected over 500 used books but if you’ve been following the travails of the prison, you know about the contagions (chicken pox etc.) that mitigated against access for a time. Seems the clouds have parted and Ms. Shadrach and her students were finally able to deliver the books to the prison. I thought it would be cool to share them here as an example of young people doing positive things. See below. No, first, read about Ms. Shadrach and her project here, then see below.

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