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Art, Freed From Guantánamo — Repeating Islands

An interesting read about officialdom’s push-back against the exhibition of art work created by men interred at Guantanamo. In some ways it made me think of Gender Affair’s/Brenda Lee Browne’s creative writing programme here in Antigua and Barbuda’s prison though given that Guantanamo’s prisoners have had no due process, it’s a bit of apples and oranges… but the connective thread is the ways art allows us to communicate with ourselves and the world at large…and how for some the very act of creating art can be dangerous and revolutionary (even when the art itself is quite benign). We need to do all we can to encourage creativity and fund programmes that allow it to exist.

An Editorial from the New York Times. The American prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba — where men suspected of terrorism are for the most part being held indefinitely without trial — has long been a stain on this country’s human rights record. Now the military has stumbled needlessly into a controversy over, of all things, art. […]

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Have a Seat: Jimmy Jam takes us to School

“We are all teachers in our own way” – Jimmy Jam (yes, that Jimmy Jam) – Believe it!

“If you’re going to build a business that’s about creators…No matter what the delivery system is…there’s got to be something to deliver; the creators are the people that make this stuff to deliver. So if you’re building a business that involves creators…please include the creators in what you’re doing.”

Jam, producer extraordinaire, that’s 5-time (just that?) Grammy Award winning producer, was speaking in 2013 at the Audio Engineering Society’s annual convention in New York. His was the opening keynote and its focus was his first hand experience of the impact of technology on the creative process.

This has been sitting in a folder on my hard drive for a couple of years and I found myself listening to it again the other day and deciding that it was worth sharing even two years down the road – and not just because I think Janet (Ms Jackson, if you’re nasty!) did her best stuff with them. Among other things, I like the points he makes about not throwing out the baby with the bathwater and doing something to preserve the knowledge that came before. I also agree with him about liner notes – something I reference here.

Here’s the link:

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