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Launch of Antigua Through My Eyes

Been meaning to post these pictures from the late Dr. Ivor Heath’s book launch for a minute. A little late but… here they are a long with a post-story I did (and published in the Daily Observer) shortly after the February 2012 launch. The Antiguan and Barbudan literary canon continues to grow.

Dr. Heath's widow with Antigua and Barbuda's Education Minister.

By Joanne C. Hillhouse

Sales have reportedly been brisk for Dr. Ivor Heath’s posthumous publication Antigua through My Eyes, a memoir which his wife Patti indicates is both a social history and a personal history. Readers of the book, she said, “will know more about him from his early days… [And of Antigua] in the times that he grew up.” In fact, it’s being recommended, she said, as a book that should be made available to students in Antigua and Barbuda, and students of his alma mater, Antigua Grammar School, in particular. “We did present Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro (with a copy) to read and see if she thinks it’s worthwhile to go into the school system.” It will, Heath’s widow believes, teach them something of that era, that era being the last days of colonial Antigua.

The launch of Antigua through My Eyes took place recently at the best of Books’ Friars Hill Road branch. Mrs. Heath reports that they had a full house, and that “sales did very well that night and they’ve continued.”

The high level of interest in the publication is probably not surprising given Dr. Heath’s renown as a surgeon and politician. We were not present for the launch but host, Barbara Arrindell of the Best of Books informs us that the programme’s participants included “Ricky Nanton who read something on behalf of his daughter Karen [Walwyn], who actually put the book together. Gisele [Isaac who] spoke about the editing process and Dr. Heath’s reluctance to speak of his own accomplishments. Patti said a few words.

Widow and sons honour husband's memory with the release of his memoir.

Her son Chey spoke about publishing and printing. Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro was given a copy as a way of officially releasing it to the public. She thanked the family for seeing the project through and said how pleased she was to have yet another Antiguan book on the shelf.”

Some from the audience spoke as well, including Dr. Kelvin Charles who “spoke of Heath’s professionalism and desire

Dr. Charles.

simply to see those he treated getting better”; Heath’s brother in law, Ferdi de Gannes who spoke “about his humour”; and Heath’s sons who discussed both the book and what it was like to lose him as a father.

Arrindell confirmed that the book was in fact moving, with over 60 copies sold on opening night.





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