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See which Antiguan and Barbudan artist features on the cover of The Caribbean Writer


Edison Liburd

Just for a closer view (don’t steal) of the stunning art work of Antiguan and Barbudan artist Edison Liburd.

“The visually stunning cover …entitled “Mysteries and Contradictions” is the work of Antiguan artist, Edison Liburd.” Read More.

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Preview Evening: Thursday 24 April 2014, 6.00pm – 8.00pm, Sugar Club

Art At The Ridge is excited to see a return of Edison Liburd following his very successful art exhibition at Sugar Club in January 2012.

Edison is an Antiguan artist who captures the vibrant pulse of Caribbean life in his art. He has had formal training at the Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts, Pratt Institute of Technology and The Arts Students League – both in New York, and also at Oakwood University Huntsville Alabama. Edison works in various mediums. His style is very fluid and speaks to the sense of uninhibited freedom he enjoys as an artist. Edison loves nature, music and people, the main themes upon which his art is based.

Edison’s art exhibition is entitled ‘VIBRANT LIFE Part II’. “I want people to see an improvement in my style and experience my increased zest for life which came because of an incapacity to paint for a year due to my illness. My previous show with Art At The Ridge introduced my expressive style, which stems from the mannerist genre, and my use of colour which expresses my love for life, things and beauty.”

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A Collection of Antiguan short stories has been published just in time for Christmas


Last year Barbara Arrindell working in association with Edison Liburd produced a colouring book entitled Antigua My Antigua. According to Arrindell 431 copies of the colouring books sold over a period of one year, with both locals and tourists taking an interest in it. This year she has produced a small book consisting of three short stories.

“The Legend of Bat’s Cave and other Antiguan Stories” has been read by a few Antiguan Scholars and is said to give a historical peek into three specific time slots in the nation’s history while providing excellent entertainment for readers of all ages.

The title story, The legend of Bat’s Cave, looks at the lives of the island’s first authorized Europeansettlers and the legend involving the abduction of the Governor’s wife, complete with her eventual love affair with her Kalinago/Carib captor.

Conrad Luke, former editor of the Outlet Newspaper read the stories prior to the book’s publication and spoke of his impression of the second story,“A Bishop without a Cathedral”.He said “ A most interesting historical short story and ever so topical given the present state of the Cathedral”. The second story is told through the eyes of the first bishop of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Of great interest to Luke is the role of the church on the question of slavery and how it (the church) relates to the Black Community.

The third story “Chasing Horses” takes a look at life in Antigua in the 1920’s & 1930’s. “One cannot but take note of the class concerns nicely woven into the story” commented the former Outlet editor.“The gender issue and the role of woman in society which loomed larger then is posed in a most provocative and human way.”

According to the author the outline for “Chasing Horses” and The Legend Of Bat’s Cave” were both written in 2007. The stories were then written and rewritten many times.She says that she stumbled upon some information concerning Bishop Daniel Davis while assisting to design tours of the Cathedral shortly after restoration work began. The little that she read at that time fascinated her so much that Arrindell paid to get access to his hand written letters which are stored in the British Archives. Having sifted through many documents she found a substantial number of them written to his superiors in England reporting on many aspects of life at that time. These letters gave greater insight into his professional and personal life.

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Keepsake – Edison Arts Camp

Edison Liburd donated two scholarships to his summer arts camp to the Wadadli Pen prize package in 2011. Pictured are participants in the first installment of the camp including, front row centre, Freya Platts-Costeloe, second runner up in the Wadadli Pen 2011 visual art challenge. Freya shows enormous potential as an artist and we congratulate and encourage her.

photo courtesy Trip Antigua.

To see Freya’s Winning image go here. And, as Edison just reminded me the exhibition of work from the second installment of his camp takes place Friday 22nd July between 12 and 5 p.m. at his gallery upstairs the Best of Books.

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2011 Sponsors and Partners

(This list will continue to grow as names are added, so keep checking back)

2011 Partners:

The Best of Books

Brenda Lee Browne (media and communications consultant/writer)

Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau (poet)

Renee Phillip (art teacher)

More on Past partnerships and Wadadli Pen history here.

2011 Sponsors:

ABI Insurance

Caribbean Alliance Insurance Company Limited

Seven Seas (via Antigua and Barbuda distributor Frank B. Armstrong)

The Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival

The International Women’s Club of Antigua and Barbuda

D. Gisele Isaac (author of Considering Venus; screenwriter, No Seed and the Sweetest Mango; fmr. Wadadli Pen judge)


Floree Williams (author of Pink Teacups and Blue Dresses, Through A Window)


Edison Arts

K & E Party Time and Rentals

Jennifer Meranto

Jewell Parker Rhodes

Marcel Marshall

See past sponsors here

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Art Camp for Kids

I’m happy to report that Edison Liburd will be hosting a summer arts camp for students of all ages. Edison is a talented painter, illustrator, and one of this year’s Wadadli Pen sponsors. Yep, in fact, two scholarships to the camp have been donated by him to winners in the visual arts category of the  Wadadli Pen Challenge 2011. Spots are still available though, so check it out: call 782-2362, email edisonarts@hotmail.com, or visit him upstairs the St. Mary’s Street (Antigua) branch of the Best of Books.

I don’t have an image of my fav Edison painting, but this one is pretty cool too

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Caribbean Alliance becomes newest prize sponsor

Caribbean Alliance Insurance Company Limited has become the latest business to commit to the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize package. We want to express sincerest thanks to Caribbean Alliance. Its cash contribution, the second largest individual cash contribution for the Best of Books Wadadli Pen Challenge 2011 after ABI Insurance, will go a long way towards encouraging and supporting the creativity and effort of the participants in this year’s Challenge. The prize contributions are designed as an incentive, not the reason for creating art – the motivation for creating art is beyond material – but recognition that what has been created has real value, that our artistes have value. It has been a challenging period for raising contributions, so I especially salute the businesses that have come through. In addition to Caribbean Alliance and ABI Insurance, this includes Seven Seas/Frank B. Armstrong, and K & E Party Time. It also includes associations and programmes like the International Women’s Club of Antigua and Barbuda and the Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival. Artists and writers are also chipping in; namely Edison Liburd, Jennifer Meranto, D. Gisele Isaac, Floree Williams, Marcel Marshall, and African American author Jewell Parker Rhodes.

As previously reported, the literary arts judging cycle is in progress, and the visual art submissions are due in any day now; the outcome to be revealed at the upcoming Best of Books anniversary street fair in June. We also invite you to check out the ever-growing Wadadli Pen site (https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com) which includes everything from past winning stories to past sponsors and partners, and lots more on not just Wadadli Pen but the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda, and the wider Caribbean.

Wadadli Pen Partners

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