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CRICKET IS MY LIFE by Emma Belizaire


Emma Belizaire

The author says: “I am 11 years old.  I am a 6th grader at St. Andrew’s School.   I have a love for all sports especially football and cricket.  My hero is Anisa Mohammed; the amazing female cricketer for the Women’s West Indies team.  Many people tell me I bowl like her, and so she and my love of cricket inspired this poem.”

Judges’ verdict: “Good poem.”

In the 2017 Wadadli Pen Challenge, the judges ranked Belizaire’s poem 2nd in the 12 and Younger age category.


Cricket ohh cricket
Cricket is my life
When I play cricket I feel free
So don’t try to beat me!

There is batting, there is fielding
There is also bowling
But when you see my team and I playing
We are unstoppable!

You are not going to beat me
You better take a seat,.. see
You see when I play cricket
I am in a zone, I am free
Cricket just calms me

I am in a zone that no one can take
Away from me
I am free…just free
I am free.
Don’t disturb me when I am playing,
I am in my zone

Cricket ohh cricket
Cricket is my life
Cricket just calms me
Don’t disturb me while I am playing, I am
In my zone. My cricket zone.

When you see me hitting the boundary
And knocking sixes with my eyes closed like
Sir Vivian Richards, I am in my zone.

When you see me breaking middle wickets
Like Anisa Mohammed, I am in my zone.
When you see my team catching them out
Like West Indies. We are in a zone.

When you see me wicket keeping like Ramdin
I am in my zone
When you see me bowling maidens like Stephanie Taylor
I am in my zone.

When I am playing with my team or even friends, I zone out.
Cricket just calms me
Cricket ohh cricket
Cricket is my life

When I’m looking like a tomato all red with rage
But then I’m playing cricket I just let go,
Cricket ohh cricket
Ohh cricket
Cricket is my life!!


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