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Forward On by Dante Barton

Forward On

Author: Dante Barton

Winner: Short story 11
& under

Once there was a vicious tiger that terrorized and stole the food
from two villages. Sadly, the two villages hadn’t liked each other for a long
time, and often fought over the little things. One day, the tiger seriously
injured a child from each village. The villagers finally realized that the only
way to solve the problem of the tiger was to work together and trap it. A great
trap was set by the two villages, and the tiger was caught and sold to the zoo.
Then the villagers realized that once they work together they can move forward.



Winning pieces from the 2011 Independence Literary Arts Competition are published here, with the chairperson’s permission, for the purpose of showcasing the talent displayed during the competition. Copyright of these pieces remain the preserve of the writers and, as is the case with all Wadadli Youth Pen Prize/Wadadli Pen, content should not be copied, distributed, transmitted, used for commercial purposes, altered, transformed, or built upon without the consent of the copyright holders. All other site content is created by me (Joanne C. Hillhouse) or, in the case of winning Wadadli Pen stories, the specific authors unless otherwise indicated. The same rules apply.

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