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Book of the Year Presentation (Photo Gallery)

This morning was the presentation ceremony for the #readAntiguaBarbuda #voteAntiguaBarbuda (now #discoverAntiguaBarbuda through its literary culture) Readers Choice 2017-2018 Wadadli Youth Pen Prize Book of the Year initiative. The winner was Vivian Luke, author of F. A. K. E. and she designated the Foundation Mixed School as the school to receive the EC$950+ in books in her name, made possible through contributions by five patrons. Vivian lives in the US but was represented at the Monday 8th April 2019 morning festivities at the Best of Books by her cousin Josina Luke who read a statement on her behalf. Josina, also, accepted a certificate from the Best of Books for her as well. Thanks to all. Here are some pictures.

And in case you were interested, the way we did it is we wanted it to be fun for the kids, we want reading to be fun for them; so we invited a delegation from the school to come to the store and make their picks. Best of Books set up two tables, one with Antiguan-Barbudan and Caribbean books and one with international books so that they got the best of all worlds. This means that they went away with books like Carol Ottley-Mitchell’s Pirates at Port Royal and Adventure at Brimstone Hill from her Caribbean Adventure series, illustrated by Ann-Catherine Loo, as was another of the children’s picks Chee Chee Fights Back from her Chee Chee Adventures series, plus Caribbean Reads Publications’ Round My Christmas Tree, Barbara A. Arrindell’s Legend of Bat’s Cave and Other Antiguan Stories (illustrated by Edison Liburd), Iris Josiah’s Tiny Goat and Tiny Bird alphabet books from her Tiny Island Series, Joanne C. Hillhouse’s Musical Youth, Cherise Harris-illustrated With Grace and both Danielle Boodoo Fortune-illustrated Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure and its Spanish language edition translated by Loudymar Lightfoot and Nneka Edwards Perdida! Una Aventura en el Mar Caribe, among the other books in the running for the Readers Choice vote Gemma Handy’s Explore Antigua and Barbuda and Floree Williams Whyte’s The Wonderful World of Yohan, Lion Paw and Oliver: an Unlikely Friendship by Heidi Fagerberg, Collins’ Big Cat books How the Birds Got Their Colours: Tales from the Australian Dreamtime by Helen Chapman, Twinkle Twinkle Firefly featuring poems by Caribbean poets John Agard and Grace Nichols with illustrations by Satoshi Kitamura, and Travellers Guide to the Solar System by Giles Sparrow, plus child-friendly bios on Brian Lara, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Rosa Parks, several books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries series, of course, Geronimo Stilton and Cave Mice books, and Treasury of Illustrated Classics –

sooo many books made possible thanks to discounts provided by the Best of Books making them another of the prize’s patrons. Thanks to them as well for that.

It was lovely to see the children so excited about shopping for their books and we hope they enjoy them.

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The Votes are in and…

Vivian Luke’s F.A.K.E. has won the #readAntiguaBarbuda #voteAntiguaBarbuda Readers Choice Book of the Year of 2017-2018. It is our first time doing such an initiative and we thank all voters for their participation. Congratulations to Dr. Vivian Luke on her win and congratulations to Foundation Mixed School as her selection to receive the EC$900 plus promised (in books). The children will have the opportunity to select the books themselves on Monday 8th April 2019 at the Best of Books. Thanks to our patrons.

Below, we’ve published in full a statement from Dr. Luke and a bio which includes her Antigua-Barbuda connection.

Statement by Dr. Vivian Luke:

I am deeply humbled to be voted the 2019 Recipient of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for my book, F.A.K.E.! Fake Lives, REAL Friendships.  Writing is a gift but the ability to conceive of and complete a well-structured story that is well received is a dream for any author.  So, I must congratulate the rest of the authors who were part of this process as well. Congratulations!  My love for writing likely spawned from my love of books at a young age.  My love of books definitely came from observing both of my parent’s love of the written word.  Their willingness to talk and share their opinions about whatever it was they were reading enabled me to formulate my own thoughts about a topic and engage in meaningful discourse with each of them.
I am so thankful to each of my parents for the exposure I was afforded to a variety of reading material – from poems to classical European literature to Caribbean and African American authored literature.  Honestly, as a child I did not always appreciate their efforts but once I became an adult I came to realize how invaluable it was to my overall growth and development.  I learned from my mother and aunt — both proud Foundation Mixed School alumnae — the impact of receiving a strong educational foundation that helped deliver each into their chosen professions, i.e., an accounting executive for a major airline and a Registered nurse who later became a pastry Chef.

As you journey through life I encourage each and every one of you to chase your passions and choose to become lifelong learners!  Read, Read, Read so that your intellectual curiosity may be heightened.  Further, books, through their pages, will enable you to “travel the world” while you tap the depths of your imagination and, as an added benefit, you will become well versed in a variety of topics.  Congratulations! Foundation Mixed School for nurturing the minds of many talented children over the course of 80 years and, for never compromising your standards of EXCELLENCE in the process.


Dr. Vivian Luke is a senior executive consultant with 22 years of experience providing expert consultative support services to public and private sector Director and C-level clients in the areas of quantitative and qualitative research (survey research and design), data analysis, policy development, organizational analysis, knowledge management, personnel management, quality assurance/quality control, and training. Her advice and counsel are highly respected and consistently sought. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science with Honors (concentration in Political Science and Technology) from Howard University, Washington, DC; M.CRP degree in Community and Regional Planning from Iowa State University, Ames IA; and, B.A. degree in Justice from The American University, Washington, DC.

Vivian recently self-published her debut novel, F.A.K.E.! Fake Lives, REAL Friendships. She is the mother of two daughters, Raiven (19) and Elle (11).  Vivian is the daughter of Vincent Luke and Elaine (Edwards) Luke originally of St. John’s, Antigua.  Her roots run deep in Antigua as her maternal great-great grandfather was from Parham and both sets of grandparents are Antiguan born and raised.   She is the granddaughter of Carmen and Claude “Pitt” Edwards of Ottos.  Richard and Elfreda Luke of St. John’s – owners of R.K. Luke & Sons Hardware Store in St. John’s and the niece of Conrad Luke.  While not a resident of the beautiful island of Antigua, Vivian has always considered herself a daughter of Antigua given her heritage and close connection with family and friends. “I am a proud Antiguan – 1st generation removed.”

Read the press release announcing the outcome here.

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