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Shall We Play A Game? (an ArtsIndependence Quiz)

The fine print: You must be based in Antigua and Barbuda to participate. Oh and I’ll probably take a picture of you with your prize to pass around.

The prize: A copy of one of my books. I can’t say which one for sure but I’m currently due author copies of With Grace and Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure so probably one of those. My only request, that after you read it, you post an honest review online, and tag me or share it here.

The Game: Listed below are some of the most searched people on this site, 10 of them, according to site stats. Below that are a jumble of facts. Match the relevant fact to the relevant person, put your answer in the comments – or email to wadadlipen@gmail.com by November 30th, and you could win a new book in time for Christmas. If only one gets it, that’s the obvious winner; if more than one, I’ll do a raffle among the winners. If no one gets all, the one who gets the most will win. Hints: As noted in the header, this is an ArtsIndependence quiz – so all the named people are Antiguan and Barbudan and creative artists, and, given that search landed them here, you can also deduce that they have all been written about on this site.

Share this among eligible participants.

Okay, let’s play.


The Names

King Obstinate
Heather Doram
Sylvanus Barnes
Althea Prince
Marie Elena John
Jamaica Kincaid
Joy Lawrence
Dorbrene O’Marde
Floree Williams
Edison Liburd

The Facts

This person won the Dan David prize for Jewish writers
This person is the founder of Moondancer Books
This person wrote ‘An Interview with hurricane Luis’
This person participated in the Pan Am Games
This person runs an art camp for kids
This person has degrees in physics and chemistry
This person is a UNESCO award winner
This person had a sister named Ethlyn
This person is a 2007 Hurston Wright award nominee
This person wrote How the Starfish got to the Sea

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