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Just for Fun: Independence Quiz

Independence Quiz: One is one of the Big Three of Antiguan calypsonian, one is a poet, one is a celebrated visual artist, two are international fiction writers, one won the first Independence literary arts competition in 2005, one’s a diplomat, one a folk historian and poet – according to Wadadli Pen (https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com) stats, these are among the top 10 most searched Antiguans and Barbudans on this site. Name any five (that’s right you only have to be two-thirds right) to win a copy of the 10th anniversary edition of Dancing Nude in the Moonlight by Joanne C. Hillhouse Dancing 10 cover  and possibly other book prizes if you can tell me a little something about one or (for overachievers) more of them. Follow to participate; answer in the comment section below on or before November 1st 1981.

What’s so remarkable about November 1st?

Antigua and Barbuda became a politically independent nation on November 1st 1981. So this is mostly for the home crowd…but with the answers all over the site…why not take a guess, just for fun.

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