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Mailbox – Small Islands

“Featuring the work of seventeen writers, So Many Islands, explores the many aspects of small island living – highlighting the variations and connections between islands and islanders who are literally and figuratively worlds apart.

Here writers have humanised and vocalised the issues of Small Island Developing States in ways that reports and statistics cannot. This wide range of writing harnesses the transformative power of words to encourage understanding and inspire change.”

Writers in this collection include: Angela Barry (Bermuda); Cecil Browne (St. Vincent & the Grenadines); Damon Chua (Singapore); Emma Lewis (Malta); Erato Ioannou (Cyprus); Fetuolemoana Elisara (Samoa); Heather Barker (Barbados); Karlo Mila (Tonga); Kendel Hippolyte (St. Lucia); Marita Davies (Kiribati); Melanie Schwapp (Jamaica); Mere Taito (Rotuman Island); Mikoyan Vekula (Niue); Sabah Carrim (Mauritius); Tammi Browne-Bannister (Antigua & Barbuda); Tracy Assing (Trinidad); Jacob Ross (Grenada).


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