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My Worst Day Ever by Judah Christian

2nd placed/1st runner up in the 12 and younger age category – Wadadli Pen Challenge 2016

Author’s comment about the story: “My Worst Day Ever shows how a student’s day moves from a bright sunny day, to one filled with mishaps.”

Judge’s comments (positives only*): “Very concise, well formed, and detailed …bold (vocabulary)… Most Caribbean school children can probably relate to this story…Somehow, it made me think of the pressure on children- from an early age – to pass an exam.”

Note: *While only the positives are being shared with the public, in keeping with the development goals of Wadadli Pen, all long listed entries are returned to the author with the judge’s note – both positives and negatives – for revision. Congrats to Judah for being so close to the main prize. Keep working on your craft; keep valuing your voice and your art. – JCH

Judah Christian

Judah Christian.


Here now is My Worst Day Ever by Judah Christian, a Best of Books Promising Writer selection in Wadadli Pen’s 2015 Flash Fiction Challenge, a grade 4 Sunnyside Tutorial student, who enjoys football and basketball and dreams of becoming either a mathematician or professional football player:


The day started out with the sun shining brightly. I ate some of my favourite cornflakes, Honey Nut Cheerios, and got ready for school. When I got to the classroom, early as usual, I put my homework on Ms. Mention’s table.

I went back to my desk and studied for my Mathematics test. It was the first test of the day. It was so short and easy that I was sure that I had passed with an A+. To my horror, when teacher returned the papers just before lunch, I got a really low mark, a B-. I started questioning myself about how I got such a low grade. I was both shocked and disappointed. What was I going to tell my mother?

The bell rang so loudly that it surprised me. I opened my lunch bag, and forgot all about the test when I saw the bacon cheeseburger that I had made for the first time. As I was about to take my first bite, Ronald the Wild Indian slapped it out of my hand. I felt angry and sad at the same time. It had looked so delicious, now it was vitiated- just like my math grade.

Ronald was just too wild.

When my mother came for me at the end of the day, I showed her the test paper. She gave me an austere look and then berated me saying:

“How come you get such a low grade pan you Maths tess?”

“I really studied hard, Mom.” I answered quickly, but quietly.

“You know wah, when you go home, don’t even touch me TV!” ordered my mother.

To think that I was planning to watch the Phineas and Ferb marathon.

This is definitely my worst day ever!

For earning second place/1st runner up in his age category, Judah received:
 EC$175 sponsored by CaribbeanReads Publishing, an EC$35 gift certificates for books sponsored by the Cushion Club, Burt Award winning title All Over Again by A-dZiko Gelege sponsored by CODE, gifts from Frank B. Armstrong, and a game, book, and certificate sponsored by the Best of Books.

Thanks to all partners and patrons for making the Wadadli Pen 2016 Challenge possible. Here at Wadadli Pen, we encourage you to support the businesses and individuals who support the arts.

Please respect the writer’s copyright. And while we welcome feedback, please be constructive.

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Judah and His Friends Save the Day

By Judah Christian

“What a goallllllll!” exclaimed Judah.

Judah and his friends were playing football, when they heard a loud scream. They looked around to see what was going on and saw Walk-bout George grabbing Miss Veronica’s small, sparkling, gold bag. He ran off and poor Miss Veronica fell.

“Tief! Tief!” she screamed. “De man tief me bag!”

When Miss Veronica got up, she ran straight to the police station, while the children chased Walk-bout George.

The children ran after Walk-bout George to the nearby cricket field. They crouched behind a sprawling dumbs tree and waited. As soon as the police arrived, they pounced on Walk-bout George, pinning him to the ground. He was so surprised, he dropped the bag. Sergeant Jonathan, one of the policemen, grabbed Walk-bout George and cuffed him. As the police took Mr. George to the police car, Miss Veronica walked over to the five friends.

“Tanks fu me bag. Tek dis five dalla and get sudden fu drink!” she said, with a smile.

“Thank you, Miss Veronica,” replied Judah.

He then turned to friends to his tired friends and asked, “What are we going to get?”

“Tambran ice-pop, of course!” shouted the friends.


Judah collects his prizes from guest reader/presenter Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau. Be sure to check out her CD, I am Speaking.

Judah collects his prizes from guest reader/presenter Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau. Be sure to check out her CD, I am Speaking.

Judah Christian (born 2006) loves football and dreams of going to the moon. He is a Grade 3 student at the Sunnyside Tutorial School. He is a Best of Books Promising Writer pick in the 2015 Wadadli Pen Challenge.

 All Rights Reserved. While linking and sharing the links, referencing and excerpting, are okay, lifting content (words, images, other) from the site without asking is not cool. Respect copyright.

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