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By Kohylah Piper

Cover design by Ariel Dunnah.

Cover design by Ariel Dunnah.

While walking through the city,
have you ever heard that sound?
A slight echo of a distant memory
rushing deep from underground.
The shuffle of our busy feet
manages to mask the wail
of the coral shell
pressed to the lips of a princely rebel
who from freedom came,
and for it,
whose life was laid.

When driving through the country side,
have you ever just happened to see,
the transient shapes and forms of hands that laboured so we could dare to dream?
The rolling hills and valleys low
have immortalized their will,
in textured folds breathing life
into their greatest hope…
Yet we ignore them still.

When you look across the ocean,
standing on bricks of time,
found on windy summits in the south east
picturesque against Atlantic tides,
have you ever felt the descent of shadows,
gathering slowly under the sun’s calm shine?
Of those who first uttered “Wa’ladli”
the precursor to national pride.
They first said “Our own”
This land.
Yours and mine.

Yet sometimes it seems as if it weren’t true,
as if we’ve forgotten those times,
as if we deem them as unreal,
as hallucinations of an imaginative mind.

For not many have heard that coral shell,
taken long ago from our seas,
very few have been compelled to listen
to its emotive drone in entirety.
Very few have seen the portraits
of those callused hands that bled,
whose eyes watch us fiercely, angry now,
for mocking what that love and sacrifice meant.

Not many have felt those shadows
of those unnamed, true discoverers from long before
who stood united chanting “Wa’ladli”
This land.
Our own.
Mine and yours.

So sometimes it seems as if it weren’t true,
as if we’ve forgotten those times,
as if we deem them as unreal,
as hallucinations of an imaginative mind.

For many will be born, will grow,
and will surely die,
without having found
that this rock of pink sands,
trade winds and gentle lands,
of clear seas and oceans combined,
of hidden wealth and strength by design,
of unexplored potential
that blindly reaps what we sow;
this rock…
that cannot grow,
until we decide to grow.

For many will be born,
and many will grow, and die
not realizing our reflection is found,
beneath our own busy feet;
all the while,
Fragile, yet unyielding.
Hallowed ground.

KPiperAuthor’s bio: Kohylah Piper’s Hallowed Ground was adjudged the top entry in the 18 to 35 age category of the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge and the second best entry overall in the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge.  She recently completed her Medical University education in Cuba. She writes “Apart from medicine, I’ve always been passionate about writing, and I do so in my spare time, but inspiration comes in bursts, instead of the steady flow that I would love. Needless to say, the entries are examples of such moments. Other than writing, I enjoy listening and creating music, and going on nature walks.”

About the artist: Ariel Dunnah, born on May 24th, 1995 is a short story writer and past award-recipient of the Wadadli Pen Competition (2012 for Angela’s Baby and Every Rose Has Its Thorns, which won her second and first 13 to 17 and second overall). Passionate about the arts, besides fictional writing, she enjoys composing and reading poetry, dancing, and has obtained both practical and theoretical qualifications for up to Grade 4 Piano in Trinity Guildhall Examinations.

Copyright of the story belongs to the author and copyright of the art work belongs to the artist; so, no stealing.

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