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Spotlight – Kush David


Kush DaVid, pictured here

at a local open mic, is one of Antigua’s talented spoken word artistes. Love Me Culture and Liberta, two of his more recognizable pieces, reflect his distinctive style – its rootsiness, afrocentrism, and celebration of local culture including, in particular, the Antiguan vernacular.  As for his themes, like Kush said on his My Space, “I like Literature and  ones-story not his-story”. A self-described dub artist, his “chanting flow” is a hit with local audiences and younger people whom he readily engages whether at his own initiative or when asked. Kush, who started out writing rap lyrics for others, has close ties as wll with the musical community(and with groups like the Royal African Soldiers in Jamaica) and the promotion of local artists. Kush reportedly has a spoken word CD in the works; ’til then, his primary printed work is a short biography of national icon Sir Reginald Samuel. For bibliography of Kush and other non-fiction Antiguan and Barbudan writers, see https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/antiguan-and-barbudan-non-fiction-writers/

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