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By Mjolnir Messiah


“This is an interesting, fast-paced, and imaginative story.” – JUDGE

It was one of those relaxing days when something exciting was about to happen.  I knew this because I felt a tingling running down my spine and excitement was at its highest pinnacle in my body.  I was relaxing on my cushion type floating bed on the sea while my brother was relaxing on the sand; when suddenly, I felt a thud to my head.  It was a bottle with a map in it.

When I showed my brother, we were both ready to go on the most daring, thrilling and adventurous expedition.  There were some places that had danger written next to them, but all we noticed was the X marking the spot where the treasure would be instead of the danger that might be lying ahead.

My brother and I jumped unto our bikes and we followed the map that led us away from the beach and closer to the spot indicated on the map.  This was in a heavily forested, jungle like area.  As the adventure continued, we saw a light in the depths of the jungle.

My brother said, “This must be it.”

When I looked on the map it wasn’t the X part, and I told my brother, “Hold on…” but before he had stopped and listened, he ran off into the distance.  Then I heard my brother cry: “Help!”

When I ran towards my brother, I found him in the monstrous pit of quicksand.

I told him “Hold on.”

I got an old coconut branch and I flung it towards him.  That was a close one.  As we sighed with relief, another obstacle came into the way; it was a pit of snakes.

My brother said “Quick! Grab unto these vines.”

“Are you nuts?”  I said

“It’s our only way.”  My brother replied.

I hastily agreed and grabbing the vines we started swinging like monkeys.  After the swinging, we were very tired and we started to perspire.  When I looked in front of me, I was face to face with a temple.

There was a skull built path-way that led to the entrance.  When we went in, we were welcomed by the darkness.  My brother got a torch from the wall and lit it.

“We better watch out for booby traps,” I said.

While we were walking, my brother accidently stepped on a loose tile and the tiles started breaking down behind us.  We started running.  My stomach was in my throat.

My brother said “Quick! Get unto these tiles, they are not loose.”

We jumped as high as jackrabbits and made it to the other side.   We sustained some minor injuries.

As we continued our journey, another obstacle came into the way a venomous pit of scorpions.  When I looked around carefully I saw that there were some pillars stuck in the pit.  My brother and I started jumping very quickly because the pillars were slowly sinking and the scorpions didn’t look happy.  As a streak of lightning we were out of the situation.

We started perspiring.  We looked up and we saw a stone with carved pictures of a sacred mask in the form of a masked monkey.

Underneath the stone carving was a box and when we opened it, there we found the sacred jewel of the masked monkey.  When my brother held it with his hands the mask turned into dust and blew away.

“It was a waste of time,” my brother said.

“No it wasn’t,” I replied, “At least we got to go on a wild and thrilling adventure.”

Author bio: Mjolnir Messiah, 10, is a student at Minoah Magnet; and tied for third place in the 12 and younger category of the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge.

Copyright belongs to the author; so, no stealing.

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