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A & B Arts Round up – August 9th 2019 —>

December 14th 2019 – also Wesley.jpg

By the end of Summer – Cushion Club Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Before the end of August 2019 – Do you want another Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project before the end of summer? If so, email jhohadli@gmail.com for a registration form – nothing confirmed; assessing interest.

August 31st 2019 –

August 21st 2019 – @ the Best of Books bookstore – email bestofbooks@yahoo.com for more information at best of books.png

August 17th 2019 – 59775614_329036067810776_4410562896208068608_n

August 17th – 18th 2019 – Pineapple Mango Festival – quick search didn’t turn up any specific details but I believe it’s being held at the Pineapple farm at Cades Bay. Will update if more or corrective information comes to hand.

August 15th – 16th 2019 – The 14th Annual Conference and Distinguished Lecture – After the Ecological and Political Storms: Whither Barbuda’s Development? – contact paget_henry@brown.edu or janetlofgren@gmail.com

August 13th 2019 – 67543874_10102401753942904_8346986627280666624_n

August 8th – 12th 2019 –

August 11th 2019 –

August 8th 2019 –

In progress to August 30th 2019 – 66784053_3438730469486327_1069002722725855232_n

As with all content on Wadadli Pen, unless otherwise indicated, this is written by author and Wadadli Pen founder and coordinator Joanne C. Hillhouse. All rights reserved.

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Locations, Antigua – Barbuda

I’m late sharing this edition of the Museum Newsletter:has-newsletter-2nd-2016a

But I’m sharing it anyway because this information doesn’t expire.

I found particularly interesting some of the tidbits about how parts of the country came to be…also the market was a graveyard as recently as the 1950s? Whatever happened to sacred burial grounds?

Following are some bits and pieces from the issue and the pdf is linked above, so you can read the whole thing after being effectively teased.

Ovals had an area called Pig Village, from Dam Gutter down to Market Street. Across Market Street was a large cemetery – exactly where the market is today (Rodney to Hawkins).


Market Square as it is today with a statue of ‘Father of the Nation’ V. C. Bird Sr. Beyond the square, in the unseen background are the vegetable and craft markets. That’s the Fisheries division across the street in the background. And, as seen in the foreground, it’s a busy intersection.

It remained there until the early 1950s, when the few headstones were moved to the Methodist churchyard and the Pig Village people were moved to “Top Otto’s,” where the government built houses for them.


In 1837 Green bay was established after emancipation when people
crowded into St. John’s.


A scene from the primary school of the still densely populated Greenbay community, 2007.


(After the 1950 hurricane) Many people were left homeless. This resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of housing in which poor Antiguans lived. The Government of the day with encouragement of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union, took the lead
in providing better housing for the people. Otto’s New Town was a direct result of this policy. Government built low income house out of cement blocks and galvanised roofs and with improved sanitation for the people of the city, whose houses were destroyed. Similar housing developments took place across the island, in such places as Parham, Seatons, Glanvillles and Freetown to name but a few. A mass movement of people from the sugar estates to new residences in the various villages occurred, to occupy these new homes, provided by the Government at very reasonable cost.


We, at Wadadli Pen, never miss an opportunity to do a plug for one of our authors. The mention of Parham in this last section is all the prompting we need to shout out this one.

Hope you’ll check out the book, the newsletter, the Museum, and keep checking in with and supporting Wadadli Pen. Re photos, these were on my hard drive – no copyright infringement intended, no profit made.

by Joanne C. Hillhouse, not exactly a history buff…more of an enthusiast. Find me on my blog.

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A & B Arts Round up (March 15th 2016 – )

April 25th 2016 – deadline to register for the new Directorate of Gender Affairs (Antigua and Barbuda) book club – first book Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Email gender.antigua@gmail.com with the subject line ‘book club’ to register.


March 26th 2016 – An evening of theatre to raise funds to help offset the medical expenses of burn victim Shaveesa Gaspar. This is a project of the students and director from the Antigua Girls High School with whom Gaspar, as a member, won best actress at the national secondary schools drama festival late last year.


Sunday 20th March 2016 – 4 p.m. – This one’s for New York folks. It’s another activity from the Caribbean Cultural Theatre: Let me tell you about WOMAN TINGS! – A Caribbean Literary (and Art) Lime featuring seven talented women (Victoria Brown, Nandi Keyi, Jacqueline Bishop, Michele Voltaire Marcelin, Opal Palmer-Adisa, Mercy L. Tullis-Bukhari, Laura James, an artist of Antiguan heritage… and one man, Antiguan and Barbudan artist IYABA IBO MANDINGO) in a celebration of the multi-layered experiences of immigrants, artists and the indomitable Caribbean Woman. Venue: St. Francis College, 182 Remsen Street, (bet. Clinton & Court Sts), Brooklyn, NY 11201

woman tings


Saturday 19th March 2016 – Dr. Allen Sanderman, former head of undergraduate history and senior lecturer at University of Westminister will be presenting an exciting and interesting  multimedia lecture on ” A brief History of Antigua, what is history? history is not what happened, but what people chose to write about it” at the Museum. $20 donation. Cocktails at 7.



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Ghost stories and more in the latest HAS newsletter

“At Luna Park where it is said that there was once a great mansion, one night while a ball was in progress the slaves revolted and slaughtered the guest at the hall. It is said that from time to time late at night music and laughter can be heard in the area.”

Like ghost stories? They have quite a few drawn from local lore in this edition of the Historical and Archeological Society’s Museum of Antigua and Barbuda newsletter.

“It is believed that at Parham Lodge the spirit of a young maiden who was burnt to death in the cellar, is doomed to walk the road with a lantern until a virgin bride occupies both Parham Lodge and the neighbouring Estate on the same night.”

This is an artist's rendering of the ghost of Parham reprinted in the newsletter from Joy Lawrence's book The Footprints of Parham. Original drawing by Patrick Simpson, 2011. Is there an actual ghost of Parham...who can say for sure?

This is an artist’s rendering of the ghost of Parham reprinted in the newsletter from Joy Lawrence’s book The Footprints of Parham. Original drawing by Patrick Simpson, 2011. Is there an actual ghost of Parham…who can say for sure?

That and more. Check it out: HAS NEWSLETTER 2ND QUARTER 2015 (Autosaved) FINAL

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On Now

A WALK IN THE PARK – The Art and Design students of the Antigua State College present an exhibition of work based on field sketches done at Fig Tree Drive for their end of semester evaluation. Please bring a donation for our Art Trip 2014 to Toronto, Canada. Support our young Artists! May 1st and 2nd 2014. UPDATE: Apologies, I got the dates wrong; there was no second day as I discovered when I drove to the college today. Hope I didn’t inconvenience anyone else.

NAUTICAL MUSIC FEST – second concert – SATURDAY MAY 3rd -Featuring Kutting Edge, Logiq Pryce, Tian Winter, The Jillionaire, Walshy Fire from Major Lazer, Christopher Martin, Barrington Levy & the Winner of NBC’s “the Voice” competition 2013 -Tessanne Chin!


THE HISTORICAL AND ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY & the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda will be hosting The Antiguan Perspective 1 & 11 (a multimedia presentation) by geologist Richard Dingwall on May 3rd 2014. Copies of his books will be on sale.




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From the Museum newsletter

Had to clip this one…the Elvie referenced is my father’s late mother…and the world of pottery making is woven into my novel Oh Gad! It gave me a kick to see this in the Museum newsletter (HAS Newsletter 2014-1 FINAL)albeit on the sad occasion of the passing of Eric Smith, the man who created the display which visualizes my grandmother and the tradition of pottery making as part of Antiguan folk tradition.

RIP Eric Smith
RIP Mama

as pictured in HAS newsletter 2014 124b


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