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Next Big Thing

So, a while ago I got an email from Althea Romeo Mark, an Antiguan born writer based in Switzerland with whom I’d connected thanks to the magic mystery line that is the world wide web. It was about the Next Big Thing: a chain of interviews with writers. Tag, I was it. Then, in my wake four other writers with Antiguan ties. So, you guessed it, this share is all about the all Antigua-Barbuda edition of the Next Big Thing. In the order they were posted…

althea romeo mark

First there’s Althea’s in which she referred to her adopted home of Liberia as “the place where I married and bore three children, lived the Caribbean past, discovered the roots of Caribbean culture and learned to live with political confrontation.” I’m always impressed with how grounded in the Caribbean her writing is considering she is a self-described “nomad”.

joanne2Mine which includes excerpts from the book club discussion for my book Oh Gad! televised and broadcast on ABS TV.


Tameka Jarvis-George who said her bedroom scenes give a certain NYT bestseller, Eric Jerome Dickey, “some competition”. Go, girl.

Floree book launch 2

Floree Williams who would cast Lance Gross in the Shane role in her book “because he must be in my movie somehow!” … hmm, the same reason I cast Idris Elba in mine.


Kimolisa Mings who said her book explores the intriguing idea that “race is an issue within a race.”


Elaine Spires who describes her process this way, “I don’t produce a complete manuscript, rather I write in sections – chapters – days of action – and edit each one separately and I don’t move on to the next one until I’m totally happy with the previous one.” And don’t I wish my process could be so orderly.

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You-Tubing It

So, I have some problems with You Tube and once suspended my membership but I figured it was the best way to share clips from my 2012 televised book club discussion of Oh Gad! So, I’m back. I wish I could upload the entire thing but if you understood how long it took me to upload these clips, you’d understand why I can’t. But I hope that you find what’s there interesting. I hope you share. I hope it encourages other folks to buy and read the book…and of course share their online reviews of the book. It is a circle.

Anyway, view and enjoy.

The clips are also featured in this new interview.

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