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Roland Watson-Grant: Caribbean Winner, 2021 Commonwealth Short Story Prize — Repeating Islands

Jamaican author Roland Watson-Grant is the Caribbean Winner of the 2021 Commonwealth Short Story Prize, with “The Disappearance of Mumma Dell”—his winning story of a matriarch’s funeral gone awry, a missing body, a forbidden pear tree and a community under threat is told through the eyes of a teenager. The 2021 overall winner will be announced […]

Roland Watson-Grant: Caribbean Winner, 2021 Commonwealth Short Story Prize — Repeating Islands

‘I entered Commonwealth Short Story Prize because I write in the spaces where cultures have conversations. I eavesdrop on what one culture –based on geography or time– has to share with another. I couldn’t ignore a platform that is dedicated to the very same thing.’ (Grant)

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize is now open for submissions. See this and other deadlines in Opportunities Too.

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Re Resources, Opportunities, and More

teaser flyer 2The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize blog has evolved beyond being a platform for the project aimed at nurturing and showcasing the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda, beyond being a literary portal vis-à-vis arts from Antigua and Barbuda, and even the Caribbean, beyond being a catch-all for things artistic, into a being a resource for writers anywhere. This is in part due to my natural interests and activities as an Antiguan and Barbudan writer with designs and some headway on an international career both as a creative writer and as a writer-editor-coach-trainer. As I research, I share; as I learn, I teach.

The resources on this site have, therefore, grown in step with my own development as Wadadli Pen founder and chief blogger, and as a published author and working writer-content-creator-editor-et-al.

I’d like to point you to three pages in particular and to one of our series. They’re updated periodically but you might not be aware of that so I would suggest either bookmarking them or searching for them from time to time so that you can pull what you need when you need.

Page 1 is the Opportunities Page where I have listed and/or linked information on copyright, processing feedback, coping with rejection, submitting to literary magazines, contracts, our workshop space etc. – but which primarily itemizes information vis-à-vis contests and awards, markets, paying it forward (or how you can help someone else access an opportunity), programmes, project funding, and publishers (specifically Caribbean publishers and/or publishers I think have some relevance to  content from the Caribbean – though I will say that there is a whole world of publishers out there and no barriers to you pursuing them provided you do the research and tailor your pitch/query letter appropriately).


Page 2 is an outgrowth of the Opportunities Page and, as such, is called Opportunities Too. This is one of the most dynamic pages on the Wadadli Pen blog as it is constantly being updated with opportunities as I am always scouting for opportunities myself. As deadlines pass – for story submissions, fellowships, residencies, grants, competitions, etc., new ones are added. This is not just for writers by the way – but can includes deadlines for artistes or just academic or creative opportunities for young people. Obviously we emphasize stuff available to Antiguan and Barbudan and wider Caribbean people but it’s not exclusive to that – not by a long shot.

Page 3 is the Resources Page which is a page I send people to often as it grew out of all the questions I would get asked about writing and publishing when I was (as I am ever) still trying to figure it all out. I remember freelancing in isolation not realizing how much freelancers from other places grappled with all the same things I did – pricing, negotiating, beating back imposter syndrome when writing and negotiating, for instance. On this page you will find things like “We also are helping out our fellow freelance writers. If one of us pushes back and gets a contract changed, that may make it easier for other writers to negotiate in the future” linking to an article on the ‘5 Red Flags to Look for in a Contract’.  This particular article grabbed me because it spoke to the ongoing struggle to insist on the value of what you do to yourself and to the person on the other side of the negotiation, gives you practical strategies for navigating the negotiation process, and makes the larger point that the value you put to what you do can affect the next person doing what they do (very important). So this page is an attempt to share all the things you need to know if you write and publish from any where to any where in the world. This is for both authors and other working writers, and is sub-divided into authors – getting paid; copyright; on the hustle – tips for freelance writers; publishing – books; publishing – journals, anthologies; publishing – promotion; writing; and x-tras (for those things that don’t fit anywhere). It’s links to all the questions I never knew to ask when I started on this crazy journey and all the questions I get asked as someone doing something that other people may be trying to figure out (even as I’m still figuring it out myself).

Page 4 is the Reading Room and Gallery Series. I admit to being confounded by people who write (or want to write) but who don’t read. How does that work? The Reading Room and Gallery Series is evidence that my book reading is slower than I would like (though I’m still reading and blogging books) but I’m always reading something because I love to read, because I learn from reading (about the thing I’m reading about, about us as people, and about the craft of writing – for starters). So in this space I share stories and poems that spoke to me or impacted me in some way; but because I am an eternal art nerd, I also enjoy reading or learning about how the sausage gets made – so I share author interviews, discussions on art, and more in that vain as well. It’s not just literary or super serious stuff either. It is though, I hope, always illuminating. The series is up to 34 installments and growing; so, go, read.

As with all content on Wadadli Pen, except otherwise noted, this is written by Wadadli Pen founder and coordinator Joanne C. Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, Oh Gad!, Musical Youth, Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, and With Grace; and freelance writer-editor-writing-coach-and-course-and-workshop-facilitator). Find me at Jhohadli. All Rights Reserved.

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