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New! Book Three in the Caribbean Adventure Series hits the Market

Congrats to Kittisian-Nevisian author (and current Ghanian resident) Carol Ottley-Mitchell on the launch of Trapped in Dunston’s Cave, the third in her Caribbean Adventure Series. The tales track the adventures of three children – Mark, Kyle, and Ingrid – and monkey, Chee Chee, along historical paths like Brimstone Hill (the first adventure) and Port Royal (the second adventure). By the way, thanks to Carol for donating copies of the first two books in the series to the Cushion Club, reading club for kids, last year. Hopefully, we can get her to gift a copy or two of Dunstan HIll to the next season’s Wadadli Pen prize package. No pressure, Carol. But, especially with the limited material from the region accessible to children from the region, who wouldn’t want to follow Carol’s characters through time as they continue to learn about the world in which they live. Doesn’t that sound like a series with Saturday morning cartoon potential?

For now, though, the book will have to suffice and that’s no sacrifice. If you’ve wandered here, you know that we love and celebrate the written word and the ways it can, as Ottley-Mitchell put it, “stir the imagination of our children and also instill a love for learning and for their culture.”

Here’s what children have had to say about the series:

“Mommy, there is Brimstone Hill. Did you know it was built 300 years ago and it is still here!” – seven year old reviewer

“Auntie, when is the next book coming out, I can’t wait to see what Chee Chee does next.” – 12 year old reviewer 

“Mommy, please let me finish reading this chapter!” – eight year old reviewer 

And (in this excerpt from the book) here’s some of the Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys-Trixie Belden-Goosebumps-ish type of suspense these critics and other readers have come to expect of the series:

“Mark, stop playing the fool,” Ingrid called out.

But Mark ignored her. He kept spinning until, finally he was dizzy and he stopped, disoriented and stumbling around a bit. He took a step to the side to steady himself and suddenly he felt the earth dissolving from underneath him as he fell into a deep hole. He tried to grab on to the vines and brush that had covered the hole, but they fell into the hole with him.

He dropped with a thump at the bottom. He was dazed for a few seconds and then slowly and gingerly he got to his feet. He had not hurt himself although the hole was very deep. He looked up the sides of the hole; they were very steep and he could not climb out.

He heard Ingrid up above. “Mark!” she screamed.

Then her voice sounded much closer as if she were directly above the hole. “Mark, are you okay?”

That’s all the teaser you’re getting, go buy the book and read the rest for yourself. For more, including an author interview and series background check out the Caribbean Adventure Series Media Kit or visit the series website.

Remember, feedback is love, so let the author know what you think about the series; who knows maybe she’ll bring the four adventurers  next to your neck of the woods.  An Adventure in Dark Cave (Barbuda) perhaps?

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