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Visit Studio One

UPDATED TO ADD: If you missed it, you have one more chance to catch it.

Mark Brown is one of my favourite local artists. He’s also a past Wadadli Pen visual arts judge. For the latter reason as much as the former, and for the wonderful work he’s doing with students at the Antigua State College, I encourage you to run, don’t walk to Studio One on the College campus for a viewing of their latest, Independence-inspired exhibition, entitled REHAB. Do so on or before November 18th 2011. Here’s my coverage of the launch. And here’s a sampling:

That image in the background, that's Janelle Brotherson's Rejuvenation.

Rosalie Richards' Jean Machel Basquiat-inspired collage. Incidentally, Rosalie should be familiar to blog readers; she was a Wadadli Pen runner up back in 2006 and her story, The Creation, is one of my all time faves of the competition's run to date.

There was no 'best in show' but these were two of the teacher's faves:Shem Alexander's Paper Trail and Yashide Auguiste's Captive. Incidentally, Alexander was the 2010 Wadadli Pen visual arts award winner.

Shem Alexander's piece, up close. You really do have to see this in person to truly appreciate it's power; and it is powerful.

If you squint hard and lean to the right, you can kind of see part of G'rene Schouten's Marionette.


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