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Bee Champs – UPDATED

Seven Seas via Frank B. Armstrong and the Rotaract Club have been teaming up for the past few years to sponsor a national Spelling Bee. I’ve been a fan from the beginning; it’s highly competitive and also a fun and challenging way of increasing the word power of our young people. So, as I do with many things literary (okay, so this is specifically related to literacy but…), I thought I’d add them to the gallery. I don’t remember all the names (sorry) but the smiling faces say it all I think. So, big up to the organizers of this event, the schools which help prepare the kids, the parents who support them, the public which has been turning out in great numbers for the finals, and the kids themselves.

First year’s winner Simeon Carter of Buckley’s Primary.

2008’s top three including, far left, Kirshian Francis of Grace Christian Academy who went on to a second place finish in Regional competition.

2009 winner, also of Grace Christian Academy, Shantel Williams, flanked by the runners up, hoisting her trophy.

2010 top three, from left Kyesha Kendall of Piggotts Primary, winner Tatyana Halley of New Winthorpes, and Brenstan Browne of St. Michael’s.

New Winthorpes Primary student Tatyana Halley, the 2010 national champion, pictured at Regionals.

These are the 10 semi-finalists of the 2012 season. The ultimate winner was Tehillah Jackson of St. John’s Catholic, making it two years in a row for the school.



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