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A & B Arts Round Up – October 11th 2019 —>

October 20th 2019 –

October 27th 2019 –

October 20th – November 2nd 2019 –

*note: at a glance, the Independence programme does not, with the possible exception of the theatrical presentation, include any literary arts activities. This has been touch and go over the years (some years there’s an independence writing comp, some years not, some years a showcase of some sort, sometimes not – no consistency). Again, we would like to direct the ptb to the open letter read in 2011 at the lit arts competition awards by the then coordinator and shared on this site re what’s needed for more consistency re lit arts out of Culture and would add only that to propel action, consistent or otherwise, more than lip service, there would need to be the will to prioritize lit arts.

November 20th 2019 – 10 a.m. – 12 noon – 69483545_10157334105159373_8559521413180948480_n

*Note. I reached out to the library for more information on its Author of the Month series which I will also be adding to the Opportunities page. But, in a nutshell, this series is part of the Public Library’s aim to introduce the local community to its authors. Selections are done based on availability of the authors during the months of January – November. The authors are invited to display their books and read excerpts from their work. There is a Q&A segment and the audience is encouraged to purchase these books or they are informed where the purchases can be made. For more information or to be booked, contact the library directly: publib287@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/NPLAntiguaBarbuda

October 26th 2019 – 72167513_1003758986630904_8622994007544299520_o.jpg

November 16th and 21st, December 12th, 14th, and 19th 2019 – 71498258_2222054817898821_4518888641497399296_n

November 30th 2019  -7 p.m. – English Harbour Town – 

December 14th 2019 –

January 18th 2020 – 71044434_1093389037533426_6214732503815553024_n

Independence activities lifted from the Culture Department facebook page; plus see Best of Book’s, Halo’s, and Spilling Ink’s facebook for more information on their activities.

As with all content on Wadadli Pen, unless otherwise indicated, this is written by author and Wadadli Pen founder and coordinator Joanne C. Hillhouse. All rights reserved.

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INET-Rotaract Spelling Bee In Session

UPDATE! The Winner Is…

The 2013 finalists

The 2013 finalists

See the little one to the far right, he the WINNER. His name is Deron Samuels and he is a grade five student at Sunnyside Tutorial. The runners up were, in descending order, Daniel Antonio of St. Michael’s Primary, Korinthia Watley of Freetown Primary, Zaria Nanton of Willikies, and Mahreka Robinson of New Winthorpes Primary.


The INET-Rotaract Spelling Bee is in its 7th year with the telecommunications company as a first time brand name sponsorAPUA, replacing Seven Seas/Haliborange/Frank B. Armstrong. Semi-finals are October 12th and finals October 19th at the Precision Centre in Tomlinsons. Other brand name sponsors are Frank B. Armstrong, ECABecab, and Scotia Bank.


There are 20 participating schools all participants and, as of this writing, 10 finalists:Kolisha Lustal of St. John’s Catholic Primary, the defending champions; Zaria Nanton of Willikies; Jowanna Pigott of Gospel Light Elementary; Jahmal Peters of Potters Primary; Korinthia Watley of Freetown; Daniel Antonio of St. Michael’s; Jenessa Gray of Holy Trinity School; Anele Nation of Christian Union Junior Academy; Mahreka Robinson of New Winthorpes Primary; and Deron Samuel of Sunnyside Tutorial.


The community is being encouraged to come out and support the kids and maybe win some prizes themselves. See you there.

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Bee pics 2011

Thanks to Margo of Frank B. Armstrong for these mementos of Wadadli Pen’s participation in the Haliborange-Rotaract Spelling Bee, though even she has acknowledged that they’re not the best. So, consider them the teaser and hopefully we’ll have better pics of the full event in  time. But suffice it to say the Bee finalists did amazingly well, as you’ll find in this article. Congrats to the winner, Keondre Herbert of St. John’s Catholic Primary.

And 2010 Bee finalist and 2011 Wadadli Pen finalist, Zuri Holder, a student of Sunnyside Tutorial and long time Cushion Club member, was selected to read his story The Scary Night at the event, following my brief introduction. Here’s a grainy record of both our participation in the programme:

introducing Zuri


Zuri delivering, with a capital D




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