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“The writer of colonial descent has a harder struggle to find her material, see its appeal, uniqueness and value, validate it herself before anyone else does. There’s a vastness in each of us. Perhaps that’s the wonder about literature – it distills the experience of being human.” – from Caribbean Writer 25, Page 255, Renee H. Shea interview with MARILÈNE PHIPPS-KETTLEWELL.

UPDATED! To add some interesting – and, for me, relatable – comments by the author from the same interview:

“A lot of what writers do is instinctive; and it’s interesting to see what others perceive in what we have written, how the work lives through others.” – Page 248

“Since my stories are character driven, it is because a character has a particular force that I’m drawn to him or her…What is dramatic is the point of tension, the point of resistance, the momnet before action, the point at which the character says no, and something different starts happening. In that tension and ensuing change lay the seed of a story worth telling.”

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