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This Week in Books and Blogging

I usually participate in the Caffeinated  Book Reviewer’s Sunday Post over at my Jhohadli blog…but I’m here and its #lazySunday so I’ll do it here.

The Sunday Post is an opportunity to share news – recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things received. That’s it, then you share your link and visit others who’ve linked up (well, as much as you can…there’re a lot of them but, well, you have to give to get). #bookblogging #networking

Okay, so here goes.


On a personal-professional-writerly note, I re-started my Jhohadli Writing Project creative writing workshop series (now also open to off-island participants). I had just a handful of registrants and less show-ups despite the significant shares and queries (and pre-registration); despite the fact that people have been asking me for the better part of a year, when are you going to do another workshop. BUT it is what it is; it’s off to a start…and you know what, I’ve really been enjoying the sessions and fingers-crossed I’m not alone in that (pending the written evaluations/feedback at the end of this first four week cycle). I’ll be keeping it going #cantstopwontstop and hopefully growing.

My new year typically begins on my birthday which was two Fridays ago and a blast…2018 bday especially so since the extended celebrations continued the following weekend with limes (hangouts) with family and friends and a drink called Purple Rain… and today is my dad’s birthday (shoutout to my rock, who is better than The Rock btw)… but in between the fanfair it’s been a struggle sometimes to keep my spirits up. Is this the start of the mid-life crisis because if so it’s not fun. But I still love what I do and the things I imagine I could do (but for the financing…and the time) so I’m fighting to stay on the upswing. #onthehustle #TheWritingLife

Okay, enough of that. Book stuff. Royalty statement in on two of my books this week. Could always be better but thankful still. Each sale represents a buyer, but more importantly, a reader. That’ll never not be dope.

If you want to be part of the dope posse, remember to check out my books and share, buy, review, blast…in to the bestsellingstratosphere because I may be from a 108 square mile island in the sun but a girl can dream…and does.

In Other People’s Books, last week I picked up a new-to-me Faye Kellerman from the bargain shelf, I finished and blogged (Blogger on Books!) Nectar in a Sieve (or was that week before last?) and moved Without a Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal from the to be read shelf to the active reading pile. I started it (but I’ve had to accept that a slower reader has taken over my brain so it’s in-progress, though I’m liking it so far); think Jane Austen with some sci-fantasy thrown in. This week I also dipped into (from that active reading pile) Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers (I’m actually more engaged with this than I expected to be), Sara Douglass’ The Serpent Bride (I hoped for a bit of escapism but so far…meh), and Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings (the best of the lot obviously and I’m in to it but I feel like I’ve read several books already…this one is long and involved).

As for what’s new on the blog (this blog) –

I launched year 14 (crazy, right?!) of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize, the annual writing Challenge I started back in 2004 to nurture and showcase the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda.

I let go of the hope that we could have just…five…more…votes in for the Antigua and Barbuda favourite book of the year.

I declared that Boys DO Read (newsflash, right?)

I shared a couple of the posts that caught my eye – Tips to Help You Concentrate While Writing from A Writer’s Path and Mandy Mikulencak on self-doubt John Irving & Writing in Bed at BookPeople, the blog of “the largest bookstore in Texas” (because the internet connects us across great divides like that).

I updated the Resources page and the Opportunities Too page (because as I gather, I scatter).

There’s more but that’s enough; so I’ll end with a reminder to check out my writing, editing, coaching, and course and workshop facilitation services (use me) and a shout out (and two reasons to say Congratulations) to Fayola Jardine who last Saturday collected her copy of Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure from the Independence trivia here on the blog and has bigger things ahead (shh). Thanks to her for supporting by copping an extra copy as well. And since I didn’t get to take a picture of her collecting her prize, here are some of my favourite reader-shares of the book so far.

Sallys Books This is a share from facebook of not one but two of my books – the teen/YA novel Musical Youth and Lost! (a children’s picture book)

And these two are from Instagram

l share cropped (Okay, I don’t see Lost! in this one but among this mountain of Caribbean children’s picture books I spy With Grace – my Caribbean fairytale)

another l share cropped (my two favourite things about this picture – these are all Antiguan-Barbudan children’s picture books …and #babyfeet)

Thanks for stopping by – if this is your first time here, this blog is the platform for the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize – youth/lit arts development programme in Antigua-Barbuda, and a Caribbean literary portal (dig around). I am a writer and you can follow me and my bookish and other ways usually over at my Jhohadli blog. Thanks for stopping by. Here ends the Sunday Post and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

As ever, any words or pictures found here are mine. Respect copyright.




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August Wiin’ Dung and Round Up

August is winding down. Where’d the summer go? Hell, where’d the year go? It’s crazy how time has no real interest in our ins and outs, isn’t it? It just keeps on ticking.
I’m doing a round up for Wadadli Pen’s first participation in the Caffeinated Book Reviewer’s Sunday Post meme (a meme I’ve participated in several times from my personal/author blog); specifically a round up of postings on this site over the past month – in case you missed anything.

There was a post on the forthcoming Belize Writers’ Conference. Writers’ conferences are becoming almost as ubiquitous as music festivals and Carnival in the Caribbean. But you won’t hear me complaining (in fact, I wrote about the burst of regional literary festivals last year for Writer’s Digest magazine).

I also shared a link from the Writer’s Path about self-editing. How-to  articles are always interesting to me – as a writer and editor interested in improving my own craft, and as a workshop facilitator and writing coach wishing to add to the toolkit I draw from in helping the writers and non-writers with whom I work.

I shared information on the new consultant hired to work on our cultural policy…and the fact that I have questions. This is local so non-Antiguan-Barbudan readers can probably skip past this one; though if you do have a cultural policy where you are, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on approach and real impact.

I shouted out our National Youth Choir on their success in Commonwealth competition. Always happy to see our young people and young artists becoming soar.

One of my favourite memories of the summer, of every summer, but especially this summer given that I started the year dealing with health issues, and still am in some ways, is Carnival; because come Carnival time you put everything down and let the music get a hold of you. It wasn’t entirely a stress free Carnival for me, as I was involved in putting my own mas on the road, specifically the mango tree faerie from my last picture book, With Grace. 20638129_10155570812792622_8816133180187600831_nBut I had fun and, hassles aside, we put our show on the road; and the pictures allowed me opportunity to reflect – and opportunity to see some of the other Carnival acts (since the downside of playing mas is that you miss the show you’re a part of). Join me in catching up on the colours and creativity of the season .

The arts round up is just a space that I use to share upcoming local arts activities. There were updates, as well, to Opportunities Too (with submission deadlines for writers and artists), Reading Room and Gallery (the 24th edition, where I share artistic things that have caught my interest), and the Antigua and Barbuda Children’s Fiction and Antigua and Barbuda Writing pages.

Blogger posts I engaged with (i.e. commented on) over the month include
Nut Free Nerd’s Goodreads’ Book Tag
Darkowaa’s discussion on Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place
And Caitlin’s Unmediated Life at Broadside

If a link grabs your interest, click, read, leave a comment. It’s never too late, I got a brand new comment on my seven year old Jamaica Kincaid postthis month and it was nice to revisit that piece.  Feedback is love.

As for books, I haven’t finished anything – I still have the last two pages to get over with Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and I’ve only just started getting in to Bernice McFadden’s Glorious. TBC.

Hope your Sunday is happy and caffeinated wherever you are.

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